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September 8, 1993

Katerina Maleeva


Q. Katerina, enough chances especially there in the second when you broke her. She was serving for the match at 6-5. Are you at that point thinking, I can do this?

KATERINA MALEEVA: Well, I was thinking during the whole match that I can do it. I mean, I think I had more chances in the first set than in the second. I mean, I can say that I had enough chances in every set.

Q. How debilitating was that all day sitting around waiting?

KATERINA MALEEVA: It was the same for both of us. It is tough because you see it all day long and then except -- instead of playing at 11 you play at 7:30. It is one thing to play a day match and another thing to play a night match. And it is-- obviously it is difficult, but I guess you have to deal with those things and as I said, it was the same for both of us.

Q. Do you believe that you were going to play tonight?


Q. What about the players lounge, especially here?

KATERINA MALEEVA: I don't understand.

Q. I mean, it is a little bit small; especially today?

KATERINA MALEEVA: Well, I didn't go too many times to the lounge. I stayed mostly up in the locker room. I guess it was -- it was small, but there aren't too many players left except maybe for the juniors and it is just -- was bad luck that it was raining today.

Q. Thank you.

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