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April 27, 2022

Klay Thompson

San Francisco, California, USA

Golden State Warriors

Game 5: Postgame

Golden State Warriors 102, Denver Nuggets 98

Q. What does it mean to get this series done in five?

KLAY THOMPSON: Well, first off, it feels great. A playoff series win is nothing to take lightly and Denver, although they were shorthanded, missing Porter and Jamal, they are still a very good team with an MVP. We will celebrate this tonight and enjoy a series advancement because like I said, these are incredibly hard to win.

Q. If you didn't have the box score in front of you, would you have guessed that you led the team in rebounds?

KLAY THOMPSON: I wish I really had ten. 15 and 10 sounds so much better. But hey, Mike Brown challenged me to get in there and I will continue to do that.

Q. How would you describe your team's defense in the fourth quarter?

KLAY THOMPSON: It was great. I think we made really difficult on them on the perimeter, and I mean, DeMarcus was incredible for them tonight, low on the block, hitting threes. He was a huge factor for them, 16 minutes, too. So that was tough to handle him and Jokic, but I thought we did a great job and we really buckled down when it mattered most.

Q. Gary does so much for you guys defensively but how much did that help to see him hit some big shots?

KLAY THOMPSON: So happy for Gary. That was such a big -- so many big shots from the corner, from the wing, at the rim. He showed everything in his bag tonight. He is such a great athlete and that was -- in the playoffs, you need guys to step up, and it was Gary's night. We are all so grateful for his performance.

Q. I think there was awhile you guys were in zone and you ended up on Jokic a couple times. Did you know that might happen and what was that like, having that body lean in on you?

KLAY THOMPSON: He's a really big man. Nimble feet, too. It's fun. I like to challenge myself. It was a box and 1. I just tried to shadow him all over the court, not get any good looks and I thought I did a good job.

Q. What was your response when they said that's your responsibility in the box and 1?

KLAY THOMPSON: Oh, I was happy. I love taking on a challenge like that. Whether it's a quick guard or MVP center. That's where you test yourself as a defender is really being able to get down and guard whoever.

Q. This is your first playoff series win since 2019, with everything that you've gone through over the last two seasons personally and also what the team has gone through collectively this season, what does it mean for you guys to get it done?

KLAY THOMPSON: Oh, man. Hopefully it's the start of something great, and for me personally, just all the hard work behind the scenes paying off.

Then as far as the team goes, we're not satisfied obviously, but it's something we can be proud of. Especially from the last two years being banged up and not having our whole squad together. Now that we are finally nearly whole, it's such a great playoffs again and we look forward to the next round.

Q. Gary slipping into your 15th roster spot, and shown that he can be used as a defensive specialist at times, how big a tool is that moving forward?

KLAY THOMPSON: That's huge. It's incredible to think he has not been on an NBA roster for longer because he's just got such a great feel for the game.

And our front office has done an incredible job just plucking out talent where teams might have disregarded a guy but our system and the confidence we give guys allows them to be themselves. What a find, GP was. He's a great player.

Q. Getting Steph back in the starting lineup, what does that do for you guys, and do you think he'll ever come off bench again?

KLAY THOMPSON: I don't think so. And he's our leader, the longest tenured player, our MVP and without him, life is difficult.

Steph Curry is one of a kind, and will continue to do the spectacular and make it look effortless.

Q. How much faith do you have in Steph when he's got the ball in his hands, game on the line? What's it like to experience that?

KLAY THOMPSON: I have so much faith and the whole nation should. Some of the threes he were making tonight were incredible, and also getting the rim, making the pocket pass. Steph Curry is a special, special player and you'll probably never see another player like him again.

Q. Did you guys know that you could get to the rim? There was a point you were hitting the mid-range and you went all the way to the rim?

KLAY THOMPSON: Yeah, especially since my three-ball wasn't falling like I wanted it to. I still think I'm a three-level scorer, and a lot of guys on the team who are like that. It was just, man, a great night.

Q. Down eight going into the fourth quarter, how much of the focus was, let's it cracking down on the defense?

KLAY THOMPSON: I think it's focus in general. I think we just communicated better. Our rotations were sharper and when our defense is locked in like that, our offense is easy, so it was definitely a big talking point in the huddle was to play great defense.

Q. Along the lines of who is starting and who is not, what do you think about Looney's selflessness to accept the change?

KLAY THOMPSON: That's Loon. He lays unselfish. He acts unselfish. He does all little things to put himself out there and be a great player. So it's crazy to think he's in his seventh year or whatever but Loon is a factor for us and he had a great night tonight.

Q. You started the small lineup we've been talking about the first few games, the last three, four, wasn't as great. What did you think about that starting unit and how do you think that went? Do you think that's the starting lineup going forward?

KLAY THOMPSON: I think it will depend on matchups. But I thought it went well. I mean, they guarded Jordan so close to his chest tonight. He was in foul trouble unfortunately but still so effective out there, and when he has the ball in his hands, he's so dynamic that he draws a lot of attention and it frees up me, Steph, and same with Andrew, just being able to space the floor out and crash the rim, whether it's a cut or an offensive putback. But that lineup has great versatility and it will probably be used a lot for the future.

Q. What do you see in Draymond come playoff time that makes him a different man, a different person on that floor?

KLAY THOMPSON: I see someone who is probably one of the most intense players in the NBA and has one of the biggest hearts in the NBA. He just makes us go. Draymond is such a great leader, and he really uplifts everybody on this team as far as their intensity and their effort.

So he is integral to what we do.

Q. What's the challenge of going against Jokic in a series?

KLAY THOMPSON: I mean, he's a monster in the key. Probably has the best touch in the NBA. Also an incredible passer. I mean, his stat line tonight was nothing short of amazing.

And Nicola is just a great player who will be very good for a long time.

Nice, I'm out of here. Good stuff.

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