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April 21, 2022

Cameron Smith

Marc Leishman

Avondale, Louisiana, USA

TPC Louisiana

Quick Quotes

Q. You guys have really embraced this. Both your dads are here. You've really made this kind of a family affair.

MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, it's a cool city to come to. It's not every week you can defend the tournament. It's nice when you can have some familiar faces around. Helps you enjoy the week.

Q. Cameron, obviously you guys come back as defending champions. Have you guys tweaked anything since your win last year, doing anything different this time around?

CAMERON SMITH: No, we kept everything pretty spot on today. We're going to tee up the same holes again tomorrow. Yeah, I don't think there was really much change from last year. We played some really good golf. Yeah, just trying to replicate that as much as we can.

Q. Boys, pretty decent start. I know you could have maybe gone a little different, but happy where you are?

MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, we're happy. It wasn't exactly what we're after, but there were some tricky hole locations out there. Not so much the positions, but the breaks around the holes were quite tricky. A little bit of wind out there.

You always want to have a low score, but it's nice to see that putt of Cam's go in on 9 there to get to 7. Very happy to keep it going out there.

Q. Speaking of 7, there's a buzz going around because old man Jay Haas is also shooting 7-under, with Jay contributing most of it. He's about 80 million years old. How do you quantify that? Pretty decent effort from the old boy.

CAMERON SMITH: That's a really good effort out here. I think the key today was to keep it in play and just hole the putts. We really struggled putting today. I think, like Marc said, a lot of tricky reads out there. A lot of good putts that didn't go in.

MARC LEISHMAN: Great scoring drive. That's unreal.

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