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April 21, 2022

Jennifer Song

Los Angeles, California, USA

Wilshire Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Jennifer Song. Nothing like a 3-under 68 to start off your week here in LA. How are you feeling with round one under your belt?

JENNIFER SONG: I'm super happy about my round. I'm really glad I shot 3-under. I needed to see some under pars today. I was at 6-under at one point. Had some hiccups in the back nine but felt like I finished strong, so I'm ready for the other rounds as well.

Q. I want to talk about your front nine, because it was a super strong front nine. Three consecutive birdies, four total in nine holes. What was going so right there on starting on 10 today?

JENNIFER SONG: I think I was just in my zone. I wasn't really worried about the result. I was just focused on the process and just I was trying to live every moment out there and just embrace it.

I think I did just fine.

Q. Couple bogeys there on the back nine. What was it like to regroup and finish out strong like you said?

JENNIFER SONG: I'm really grateful. I was really happy. I mean, the bogeys, definitely I don't want to have them, but it is what it is. I felt like I just did my best to play out there.

But, you know, I feel great. I'm putting really well, so I'm really looking forward to the rest of the rounds.

Q. What was the mindset like coming into this week? This is definitely a course that you know pretty well and you just said it's like being back at home here in LA. What's this week been like for you?

JENNIFER SONG: For sure like I love the Californian atmosphere. LA is pretty much my hometown. I went to school here, so Fight on.

Yeah, I was super comfortable coming into this week, and I felt like the other tournaments I was too focused on my result and I completely let that all go in.

I think I'm playing really freely out there.

Q. When did that kind of mentality start clicking for you?

JENNIFER SONG: Just, I mean, I didn't play well in Hawaii and I just sat down and really tried to collect my thoughts, what's really going on.

I really felt I was ready for the season, but things weren't kind of going my way, but I think I was way too focused on the result like I said.

Now I'm just solely thinking about the process and I think that's helped me a lot.

Q. Hey, it takes a lot to even kind of say to yourself as well that you have to change up that kind of mindset.


Q. To be able to do that here in a place you're comfortable, how much does that help in changing that kind of mindset?

JENNIFER SONG: It helps a lot. Also I'm staying with a host family that I've known for a long time and they take good care of me.

After the round I go back home and we chitchat and have fun and have a really chilling time, so I think that helps me a lot, too.

Q. USC, as you said, Fight on. How many Fight ons did you hear on the course today?

JENNIFER SONG: I think maybe four or five times. Yeah, I love to say Fight on back.

Q. We've got fans back here for the first time since 2019. What's that been like here?

JENNIFER SONG: I think it's amazing. I think I would love to have more events in LA. There is a lot of spectators out there and we always love having huge support.

You know, who doesn't like LA, right?

Q. Exactly.


Q. What's the mindset as you head into tomorrow?

JENNIFER SONG: I'm just going to stick to the same game plan, have fun out there and just focus on the process.

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