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April 14, 2022

Olga Savchuk

Katarina Zavatska

Lyudmyla Kichenok

Dayana Yastremska

Nadiia Kichenok

Team Ukraine

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Thank you everyone for being here. We have. We have Team Ukraine here. Questions.

Q. The American players were in here earlier. They said when you had dinner earlier this week, they wanted to make it normal for you, given everything that's going on in Ukraine. How did you feel about that? Have you felt that from their team, being here in Asheville?

KATARINA ZAVATSKA: Yeah, we felt very warm welcome from them. We had such a nice dinner together. They prepare some presents for us. It was just amazing. We're so thankful for them.

Yeah, we feel comfortable with them, chatting with them. They do a lot of things for us, like helping and supporting. Yeah, we had a good time together. We appreciate everything what they were doing for us and they are doing for us.

NADIIA KICHENOK: It was a great gesture. We just want to thank Team USA for the dinner. We had so much fun. We discussed few things over there.

CAPTAIN SAVCHUK: Yeah, I think it was very important and good that it was informal, just relaxed. That was the best idea.

LYUDMYLA KICHENOK: We're not feeling that we're playing against them this weekend, we are feeling that we are playing with them this weekend.

NADIIA KICHENOK: For Ukraine, for U.S., for good cause.

Q. Many times these international competitions, the home crowd gets patriotic maybe against the other team. Do you think this is going to be different than any other international competition you've been in?

KATARINA ZAVATSKA: I think it will be different, definitely, because the situation in Ukraine right now is very tough. All the people in the world, they know this and they understand this.

I really believe and I feel that we will have a big support tomorrow on the matches. Of course, we have to accept that it will be more people supporting USA team because it's normal. We are here in USA. It's normal.

But I think we will get a huge support, too. It will be different than any other event.

NADIIA KICHENOK: We already feel it.


Q. I imagine you played in this team format before. Looking at what's happening in Ukraine right now, how is it different than past years playing as a team for your country?

KATARINA ZAVATSKA: Well, it's really different. I cannot say it's like more responsibility, but it's something bigger than any other tournament, any other event because you play for Ukraine, for your country right now in this very bad situation.

To represent Ukraine I think for us, the girls, it will be something just amazing right now. We will show Ukraine. It will be like three channels in Ukraine, the translation of our matches. I'm sure many people will watch and they will support us and they will see that we fight for our country as much as we can, that we are with them also together.

Definitely it's a big motivation I think to compete right now.

NADIIA KICHENOK: We feel very united right now as a team. We are sharing a grief that's what happening in our country, to our families. That's what unites us.

Q. There's a strong Ukrainian population here in Asheville, western North Carolina. What do you want to say to them right now if they're considering coming about their support in the stands this weekend?

CAPTAIN SAVCHUK: I think it would mean a lot to have them. I think they know that. Every support right now, it means big for us and we need it.

I'm sure and I'm hoping that we're going to see all of them tomorrow. And, of course Saturday, as well.


Q. Dayana, I know you came here from Bogota playing on clay at altitude. The Americans were saying the court is playing fast. How have you felt in practice?

DAYANA YASTREMSKA: Well, I didn't expect that, but I felt pretty good here. I like the court. I like the atmosphere here. After my first practice I felt like I'm kind of ready to play, ready to fight here.

So, yeah, I would say that I really like to be here.

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