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April 13, 2022

Jodi Ewart Shadoff

Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Hoakalei Country Club

Press Conference

Q. Whole lot of birdies out there. Looked like a pretty solid day, considering the wind.


Q. How do you feel right now?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: Yeah, I feel good. Swinging it really well today and holed some really nice putts, so all in all a solid day.

Q. Where were some of those putts that were strong for you?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: I actually just holed one on No. 6 I think after I hit a really good drive and it was in a divot, and then I raked in like a 40-footer, so kind of deserved that one.

But no, like I was hitting it pretty close today, so just took advantage of a couple of like ten footers.

Q. How close were you getting to dark there toward the end?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: Yeah, I was a little bit concerned standing on 9th tee that we weren't going to get done. Yeah, the last, the tap-in two-footer was a little bit -- had to refocus and make sure I was paying attention.

Q. How were you feeling coming into the week? Did you feel you had this in you today?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: Yeah. I mean, I kind of took a nice break last week and just kind of reset and got a couple really good swing feels going.

Really just, you know, going into today was whether the putter he was going to be hot or not. Actually feeling really comfortable on these greens.

Q. How much was the wind a factor today?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: Yeah, some holes were a little easier than others, but I don't expect it to get any worse than this, so it's fair. The golf course is set up really well, so, yeah.

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