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April 12, 2022

Benjamin Bonzi

Principality of Monaco

Press Conference

D. EVANS/B. Bonzi

6-0, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Can you talk about the match?

BENJAMIN BONZI: It was complicated. I needed to get used to the conditions and to get into the match physically.

He doesn't give you any rhythm. With his backhand he makes you play very low. He wrong-foots you all the time, so it's difficult to read his game. So the beginning of the match was tough. I was not controlling the situation, given the conditions, but in the second set I was able to be more present physically. It's a pity I couldn't drive him to a third set.

Q. Maybe clay is a good surface for you. You played a good match against Khachanov last year, but you don't have much experience. Do you like this surface?

BENJAMIN BONZI: I like it, but the transition from hard court to clay is a bit difficult. I have been on fast surfaces since last year, so I need a bit of time.

The game is a bit different on clay, and I'm going to work on it.

Q. It's your first Masters 1000 here. You had to wait before knowing whether you could enter or not. Did this bother you or didn't you think about it?

BENJAMIN BONZI: No, it didn't bother me, but I would have preferred to be qualified immediately. I heard yesterday morning that I would enter the tournament and the match was today, so I had time to adjust.

It's my first big tournament on clay. I should have played better in the quallies. But I'm learning, and it's going to come.

Q. As a French player, the French Open is a goal for you of course. How are you going to prepare that?

BENJAMIN BONZI: Well, I'm going to work a lot. I will go to Belgrade next week after Estoril. After that, I don't really know yet before the French Open, but I will need to practice.

I have to be very committed during this period, because I have many events coming up after the French Open also during the summer on hard courts. I don't have specific expectations for this season, but I know I can do well.

Q. You were saying the conditions were tough? Was it the wind or the fact that you were on center court for the first time?

BENJAMIN BONZI: No. I already played on center court in the quallies, but the wind was swirling a lot, and the wind changed directions all the time. So that was tough.

But of course we are outdoors. We know there is going to be this kind of thing happening.

Q. A complicated question. Benoit is still playing, but it might be difficult for him. He might lose, and then there will be no French players left in the second round here. It's the first time since 1968. You are part of the new generation now. How do you accept the status of being the new gen of French tennis? You are several players in this new generation of players. Do you talk about it together?

BENJAMIN BONZI: We talk about tennis, of course. We know we are the new generation, but we have no pressure. We don't want to compare ourselves with the older generation. Maybe our generation is slower to succeed, but Arthur, Gaston, and myself, we are four or five who are making our way slowly.

We don't want to compare ourselves to the older ones. The only result would be to put pressure on ourselves, so each one of us is following his own rhythm.

Q. But the inheritance will be difficult to bear because we are going to make comparisons. Is it going to bother you?

BENJAMIN BONZI: Well, we don't need to listen to everything you say.

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