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April 10, 2022

Cameron Smith

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Got off to a flying start there, but tough day all in all.

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah. Two quick birdies to start and quickly followed by a couple of bogeys. I hit some pretty good shots, I thought, especially on the 4th hole. That 5-iron I hit in there was probably one of the best swings of the day, and to walk off with bogey was a bit frustrating, but yeah, that's it.

Q. Great birdie on 11, but run us through what happened on 12 there.

CAMERON SMITH: Just a really bad swing at the wrong time. It was actually a really good number. It was a really nice 9-iron. Wasn't even trying to go near that pin, and, yeah, just a really poor swing.

Q. Are you proud of your effort this week?

CAMERON SMITH: I feel like I hung in there tough a couple of days. Friday, I feel it probably could have got away from me a little bit, and then again this afternoon, so it was good, mate. My game feels really good. I feel really confident in my game. I feel really comfortable around here.

I love this place. I'll be back here next year and trying to put up another one.

Q. Did it take everything you had to hang in there after the 4th and 5th holes and for the rest of the round?

CAMERON SMITH: I still felt as though I was in the tournament for sure. I mean, I hit a pretty bad drive on 3 there and actually didn't end up in a bad spot. I just hit a poor chip there, kind of brushed that one off. Hit a really good shot into the next hole. Yeah, made another bogey.

I didn't really feel like I hit a bad shot, but that's just this place. Sometimes you hit perfect shots, and you walk away with bogeys and doubles.

Q. You looked like knew the second you hit it on 12 that it was trouble.

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah. Yeah, it was a terrible swing.

Q. (No microphone)?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, yeah, that green was one of the new greens out here, and those greens just played a little bit firmer, so it's just a really tough wedge shot, and I knew I had to get it down there.

Q. We can see the emotion in your eyes and the emotion you have on the course. Obviously, this tournament means so much to you, you can tell.

CAMERON SMITH: I feel like I've played some of my best golf around here. It's quite frustrating, I guess, to not walk away with a win yet, but at the same token, I look forward to the challenge of coming back here next year and trying to do it again.

Q. And the emotion?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it wasn't too bad. I was obviously very frustrated after the 12th hole today, but just hung in there and tried to finish off on a positive.

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