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April 10, 2022

Cameron Champ

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Just walk us through 18, and just describe how big and crucial it was to close with a bird and get in that top 12?

CAMERON CHAMP: I knew it was close. Obviously, the key was just getting it in the fairway, so from there I was just going to be aggressive, just go right at it.

I hit a great wedge. It landed perfectly. Still, that putt was no easy task. It was an inside-left putt, but it was very slick and fast. I just trusted my line and made it. It was definitely a great feeling kind of how I finished.

I didn't really make many mistakes, and even on 15, Dustin had that ball landing 15 into the green, and I thought I was fine, and it rolled all the way back in. And then to scramble the way I did on 16, 17, and then to finish with a birdie on 18 was great.

Q. Does it shock you that -- I don't think there was an eagle this week on 15. Or not even. There's still a few more groups, but --

CAMERON CHAMP: It doesn't shock me. That hole this year is dramatically different. Those pins -- the green is rock hard. It's definitely probably the fastest green, and depending on the pin location, it's just difficult to get a 5-iron close to those pins.

Obviously, we never know. There's obviously a couple of groups still finishing. Anybody can do it out here, but definitely this year with the way the green firmness is and just the pin locations, it's just very difficult to get it close from that far.

Q. You got in this tournament for your win in Minnesota, right?


Q. Obviously, top 12 gets you in next year. How meaningful, and where does that kind of rank among the --

CAMERON CHAMP: It's huge. Especially this year has been just a whirlwind really for me with my injury to trying to play through the first four, five events to now feeling pretty decent the last few months.

My game is going in the right direction. Everything I'm dealing with off the course is finally going right, so first and foremost, that's the most important. It's just life, man. I'm learning as I go. Right now I'm just in a great spot.

Q. What has the rehab process been like for you? Is it your back still?

CAMERON CHAMP: No, I broke my wrist before -- actually the day before I was supposed to leave for Shriners. I had an accident at my house, so I was out until February. Even then it was healed, but it had no strength. I lost all the muscle in my arm, and I just had to build that back.

Now, like I said, the last few tournaments I've had nothing whatsoever. I have full function and movement in it. I haven't lost anything, so it was more so just fighting through the little bit of nerve damage and letting that heal just gradually.

Q. Wrists are such an important part of the golf swing. Were there times where you were, like, I don't know if this is going to be normal for a while?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah. American Express was just a crap -- I mean, it was kind of brutal, but at that point I couldn't hurt it anymore. I just had to kind of fight through it if I wanted to play. Those first few weeks, yeah, they were definitely tough. Certain -- (Crowd roar).

Somebody made something.

Q. Probably Rory.

CAMERON CHAMP: Certain shots bugged me, but it just took time, and like I said, now it's pretty much all good.

Q. Then did you need surgery on it, or did they set it?

CAMERON CHAMP: No, I just got lucky with the fracture and with where I broke it. Actually, very, very lucky. I actually flew there to get my last CT scan, and we had surgery scheduled in case, and everything was good. Just the way the bone broke, it just basically just split apart instead of shifted. It just grew back together. Yeah, thank God for that. I got very lucky.

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