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April 10, 2022

Jon Rahm

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Jon, can you talk about the main lessons you learned this week here from the physical point of view and mental?

JON RAHM: Lessons?

Q. Yes, things that you take?

JON RAHM: When it's windy and longer, Augusta is very difficult.

Q. Tell us about your difficult part.

JON RAHM: It wasn't too far off. The difference between today and the other days, I just made a few putts. Made a few putts early and got things going. Had I made a couple yesterday, it could have been a different day.

In the first two days sometimes it's just a little bit of luck. I just never got to get the right bounce to give myself a chance, and I was always kind of fighting against the current, but these things happen in majors. On the previous five ones where I was top ten in all of them, I got a few lucky breaks, and I was able to end up in a good spot is.

Q. You were asked about Tiger the other day, and I'm guessing your impressions of him today were different having seen it up close and person?

JON RAHM: Impression from what? On his game or --

Q. Of seeing him out here.

JON RAHM: It's really cool. It was great because nobody cared about me, so I was just watching him play. It was one more spectator, and I ended playing good. Kind of a bit of a load off my shoulders in that sense. I was able to enjoy today as a fan and as a player.

You can just tell that his leg is just not quite up there yet. I've seen him in the truck. He is limping in the truck. He is limping on the course. Obviously, he is trying very hard to play, but it's not easy to walk up and down those hills. At the end you can just tell that his leg and his body are just not used to walking this much, right?

I believe if at home he can walk and get strength up and stamina in that sense, he will be able to be competitive again. This is the hardest walk all year. He will be able to go somewhere where it's a little easier to walk. It won't be as long, and I believe he'll be able to contend.

Q. Jon, we've seen just great runs of golf by you, by the younger players, by Scottie. Has golf ever seen more, I guess, age of parity?

JON RAHM: I think the last maybe seven years of golf since 2015 with Jordan, Jason Day, Dustin, Rory, Brooks, myself, Justin Thomas if I didn't say him, many other great players. Now with Cameron and Scottie. It's a perfect example of the Tiger effect.

All of us are close in age, and we all -- Dustin being a little bit older, but the rest of us, we're all within five years, and we all grew up watching Tiger. We all grew up wanting to be him, and we all grew up with the dream of being major champions.

With the advancement in golf, in all of us thinking of ourselves as athletes, you can see the difference. Everybody can reach a new level.

It's really hard to stay up there for a long time. Some players have been able to do it, but it's just the next guy comes up, gets hot, and there you go. It's a beautiful part of the golden age of golf we're living in right now.

You might not get -- hopefully it's me, but you might not get the one guy that's going to dominate for a long time, but you're going to get five, six, maybe ten players that can do their part. Anybody gets hot for three, four months, and you can see what happens.

Patrick Cantlay too. I forgot him. He played pretty good last year too. And Bryson.

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