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April 9, 2022

Corey Conners

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Corey, obviously it's a crazy day out there. How would you assess your performance today?

COREY CONNERS: I played solid again, battled hard. Yeah, I gave myself some good chances, felt like all parts of my game were pretty solid. It was very challenging out there. Happy with the way I played.

Made a couple mistakes. 15, 18, learned some lessons for the future there. But played solid. It's certainly playing very difficult.

I tried to pick my spots to be aggressive and tried to shoot -- get myself under par. I was able to do that, hang in there most of the day. Yeah, two bogeys late derailed that a bit. Overall, still a solid day.

Q. You're already at the Masters, and then you add weather like this. How much extra energy would a round like this take out of you?

COREY CONNERS: It's a grind. Still have lots of smiles out there. Trying to have fun. Pretty awesome place to be, regardless of the conditions. Nowhere else I'd rather be. Just enjoyed it as much as I could.

Definitely had to think a lot out there. It was definitely a bit of a grind.

Q. How difficult were those conditions out there?

COREY CONNERS: They were really tough. The wind was kind of the same direction as it has been the last few days, which the holes played similarly, but with the cooler air, the ball wasn't quite traveling as far, and the greens have really firmed up and sped up a little bit.

Q. Kind of used to playing conditions like this when you were at college?

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, for sure. I was joking with my caddie, Danny. We both went to Kent State. Our coach there used to always say it's a beautiful day for baseball. Had a good attitude starting the day, and I certainly played in days much colder than this and windier than this growing up and in college.

I would prefer if it was a little warmer and a little less wind probably, but it's a really fun challenge.

Q. In some ways is it easier to stay focused because you're almost in survival mode out there? You don't have time to think about other things, or no?

COREY CONNERS: A little bit, I guess. I think no matter the conditions, I'm trying to stay really focused out there throughout the round. But definitely need to be on the ball out there with tough conditions.

Q. Were you looking at the leaderboard at all? It's hard to know in such a tough day how you're doing because it must be hard to tell.

COREY CONNERS: I didn't really look too much. I saw one of the leaderboards late, where Scottie was 11-under par, I think. Pretty awesome playing. He'll be tough to chase down. I was just trying to do my things and seeing if I can post a good number.

Q. With two top ten finishes and three days here right in the mix, do you need any more evidence to show that you can win a green jacket here one day?

COREY CONNERS: Finishing in the top ten and winning is a little bit different, but I love the golf course and I feel like my game's well suited to do well out here.

Q. Any strategy for tomorrow? More of the same?

COREY CONNERS: More of the same. Get a good rest tonight and be ready to play hard tomorrow.

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