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April 8, 2022

Justin Thomas

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Butler Cabin

Q. Here with Justin Thomas. J.T., one way to turn around your weekend is to turn a 76 into a 67. How exactly did you do it?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Well, I decided to not hit it as bad as I possibly could with my irons was a good start. I don't know. Yesterday was just one of those weird days. For some reason I couldn't get into it. Couldn't get focused. Couldn't get into the adrenaline and tournament mindset, which is a bummer, but that happens over the course of the season.

I'm just really proud of myself the way I hung in there and stuck to it and really played a solid round today to play myself back in it.

Q. Knowing you the way I do, you were pretty heated with your round yesterday. How do you turn anger into a positive outcome the next day?

JUSTIN THOMAS: It took a while. I think anger is an understatement. I don't really know how I would describe it, but I was pissed. I was really, really mad. I just kind of went home and honestly just needed to pout a little bit and just sulk and give myself a little bit of time. Then stuff my face with some dinner and get a good night's sleep and woke up today feeling ready to go.

Q. Now you have some good vibes going into the weekend.

JUSTIN THOMAS: Thank you. I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Appreciate it, man.

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