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April 8, 2022

Robert MacIntyre

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Robert, obviously a day where you played some good golf but also one or two mistakes along the way. How would you assess it when you come off the course?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: I know I made the cut. I'm in a good spot. With everyone going out now, it's starting to get busy. But I'm playing solid, I'm putting it decent. I've just not had any magic yet.

I think sometimes I get too defensive. I think the more you play, the more you get defensive. Last year I had no fears, I had no memories, so I could be aggressive. This year I'm a wee bit more defensive.

But over the weekend, we can just take the reins off and go at it.

Q. When you mentioned the word magic, is that something that has to come to you, or can you go get it?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: I started -- the first six holes today were brutal. I couldn't get the ball anywhere near the holes. I was slow to get going. I had probably the best 50, 60 I've ever had in my life, hooked it around the tree, and that started the round.

It just meant that I could actually -- it was there, I was hitting the right shots. No, there's plenty of time yet.

Q. You talked yesterday about how well you played. After the 2nd today, it became about your struggle. Just one of those days where you were off early on?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: I just couldn't get anything going. It wasn't easy out there. It was just -- it was gusty. I mean, even on 13, we're standing there with a 4-iron end to end, and we ended up hitting a 5 because it turned straight downwind. It wasn't an easy day.

Q. You key moments in that round. The ones at 10 and 12, were they really important in terms of the overall round?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: The one on 10 was because I knew 11 was coming, and it isn't going to happen on that hole. I played terrific on 11, but 10 you walk off that green 2 or 3 over par, you're starting to think this isn't going to happen. But you hole that putt, and the momentum is there and you keep it moving.

Q. What was the biggest change from yesterday to today apart from you played a bit more defensively. Is that an unconscious decision?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: Yeah, a little bit unconscious, but the greens are firming up, so you can't be short sided. Yesterday I short sided myself on 18, and it was soft ground, soft greens, and you couldn't do anything. The firmer they get, the harder it is to stop.

I think I've done a great job of hitting the right clubs to leave me the right -- if the perfect shot comes off, it's right next to the hole. If not, we're there.

Q. You've made eight successive cuts. Every time you've done it, you've really dug deep. That's something to be proud, isn't it?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: No, that was brilliant. It wasn't looking pretty early on. The shot into 5, I don't know if I had mud on the ball or what, but that was 45 yards offline. I started doubting myself, and Mike just said, let's just start fresh here. We've got plenty of time. Every hole is about the opportunity, and that's what we done. I felt like I controlled my golf ball pretty well in the wind.

Q. That shot at 7, it was a quite special shot.

ROBERT MACINTYRE: I watched it go in the front bunker. You can't go along on that green. I thought my tee shot was perfect, and I get down there, and it's behind the trees. There was a slight gap halfway up the tree, and it was the only way I could get it on the green. I just play for the hook and stay low. It was absolutely perfect. It must have had the chance to have gone in.

Q. The cut record continuance is obviously something you're proud of. Tell me a little bit, how chuffed are you about that? It's a strange kind of record to have.

ROBERT MACINTYRE: It's a brilliant record to have.


You never want to miss a cut in a major. Every time you get into a major, you want to make the cut and then try and compete. It's brilliant to know that my game stands up in the toughest of tests against the best players.

I mean, week in and week out, it might not be there, but the minute we get put under the gun and the high pressure, I just trust myself. I trust the people around me. They trust me. I trust them.

It's just a lot of confidence boosters like speaking with Stuart, he just always says connect to the shot and whatever happens happens. That's the way we've got to look at it.

When I'm walking into shots, I'm seeing some things into my head that just commit and accept it is pretty much the easiest way of saying it.

Q. (Indiscernible)?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: I thought I looked sharp.

Q. It does look sharp.

ROBERT MACINTYRE: No, I don't mind it. I don't mind it. I think I wore -- when I had a good round at Hillside, it was like a harsh maroon one of Stuart's. So these colors work all right.

Q. You're in your eighth major. Sandy corked up 100 here this week. Pretty special achievement, is it not?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: That's very impressive. You can see I played some holes and practiced beside him at Sawgrass. Such a nice guy, and he helps you round. You can see from the game that he's got now that -- I mean, before, it must have been unbelievable, and now it's a special 100.

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