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April 7, 2022

Luke List

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. I know the conditions were tough out there today. Could you talk about how you were doing on the course.

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I didn't really hit it well today. I was a few yards off on some tee shots and I was scrambling all day, and it kind of caught up with me at the end. Frustrating day, but you never know. I think the scores will be pretty high the next two days. If I can get a low one tomorrow somehow in the wind, hopefully I'll be around for the weekend.

Q. It has to be encouraging that there aren't a ton under par today?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, Cam Smith's like 5-under. That's impressive out there. With all the rain, you would think it would be playing easy, but I thought it played pretty tough with the wind, especially on the back nine. That's part of the toughness of the golf course.

Q. 17 years trying to get back here. What were your thoughts and feelings on the 1st tee?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I was really excited to go play today. Unfortunately, I didn't have my swing today. That's usually one of my strengths, so I was scrambling around, and that's not fun to do on this golf course.

I did pretty well for the most part, but like I said, I need a good round tomorrow.

Q. Usually with the temperature dropping, do you see it getting more difficult out there?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, with no more rain in the forecast, the wind's going to dry it out even more and bake the greens out. It's fair. It's a completely fair setup. Any time the wind blows around here, it swirls, and it's tough.

Q. Give us an idea about 11 and 15. I know we kind of talked about that in the practice round, but what did you see out there today?

LUKE LIST: I hit two unbelievable shots out there on 11 to hit driver, 5-iron for me. I'm sure some guys will be having longer in there. 15, the only birdie of the day, and I had a 3-iron in there. Hit two pretty good drives to have those clubs. In the past, those would have been shorter clubs in there.

I think some guys are going to be pulling off some head covers on those ones.

Q. We didn't have a chance to talk yesterday, but on the Par 3, tell me about having that experience with your family.

LUKE LIST: Just how I kind of pictured it, just utter chaos. We had a blast, got a lot of great pictures and had fun with the kids. It got a little humid there, and my daughter was not very happy. Hopefully she'll look back on that and enjoy that for many years to come.

Q. Speaking of family, how was your morning? How was your drive in? Did you all treat it like any other routine day?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I went over to the country club and warmed up like I do any day that I'm in town and warmed up in the gym, then came over. So just tried to treat it as normal as possible.

Q. Is it kind of a different feeling, though? To start out over there and then come over here and play a major?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, it is a weird thing because usually you're used to staying in a hotel, rental house. It's nice to sleep in your own bed for sure. A bunch of friends came out today, so it was nice to see friends and family out there.

Q. I know your mom's out there. What's it like to have them on this course with you as you compete?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, it was nice. I didn't give them much to cheer today unfortunately, but they're there nonetheless. That's the nice thing with friends and family. They love you regardless. Like I said, good one tomorrow, and hopefully give them some more cheers.

Q. I don't know if you know this already, but your mother has some chocolate chip cookies waiting for you. Do you know that?

LUKE LIST: I didn't. She's notorious for that. She usually gives them to my caddie, which he'll be happy about. He needs them after a day like that.

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