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April 4, 2022

Luke List

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Let's talk about today. You got nine holes in today. Tell me what the course conditions were like and how you felt you were playing.

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I actually touched all of them. I was only planning on playing nine and I was having so much fun I kept going with the weather tomorrow, so played all 18. The course is fantastic. Hopefully the rain doesn't do as much damage as we think it's going to.

But yeah, it was a great Monday.

Q. How does that potential shortened day tomorrow, how does that affect your preparation?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, it'll be good to get some rest. Coming off playing last week, I played a lot today, like I said, so I'll be looking to get a good little practice in and get some rest tomorrow.

Q. We talked a couple weeks ago, 17 years and you're back out here. Give me an idea of how it feels to be back after that long --

LUKE LIST: Yeah, it's hard to describe. Living here now and being a local is extra special really, and it's such a great golf community and everybody is so supportive of the local guys that are out pursuing this as a job. To be one of those guys now that people can root for, and especially out here, it means a lot to represent Augusta as a community.

Q. I saw your family coming off the course with you. How great is it to be able to share this experience with them?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, it's awesome. We were really looking forward to Wednesday. I hope the weather is good for the par-3, but we'll make it work. But just to have them and to sleep in my own bed and to see them every day is a real treat.

Q. There's a lot of buzz here on a Monday, more than we'd expect on a Monday, but with Tiger being in town. Tell me how great it is for him to be out here and how great the game of golf is when he's competing.

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I think everybody in the field and everybody in the sports community and in the world is rooting for Tiger to play. I don't know what condition he's in, but I know he's got probably the biggest heart as a competitor in all of sports. He's going to do everything he can to play on Thursday, and I really hope he does, as well.

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