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April 4, 2022

Jason Kokrak

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Solo today. Do you prefer practicing solo?

JASON KOKRAK: You know, I really kind of just go out there, I stick to my own schedule. So whenever I feel like I want to go out and practice, I just go out. I don't necessarily always make plans. Sometimes I do. I'll ask a couple guys on the range here and there to go play. If they've already got a game or they're going out there with somebody else, it's no big deal.

It's kind of nice to go out there solo and chip and putt wherever you want without anyone else hitting any shots.

Q. Didn't want to wait around for Tiger to give him some support?

JASON KOKRAK: I feel like, if he wanted me in his foursome, he would have already asked. Nonetheless, it's great to have him back in any shape. He looks good. The swing looks like he's there. It's just this is a tough walking golf course, but it is the Masters, and I think his goal was to try to get back for this event.

I'm glad he's here. It creates a little bit more of a buzz, and it's always fun having him at any event.

Q. Has your strategy for 15 changed at all with the length? Or 18?

JASON KOKRAK: 18 doesn't really affect a shot too much. I mean, I can still reach the first bunker on 18. Second bunker is depending on the bounce and how much fire the fairways get. But, no, it doesn't change anything. The second bunker, if you get it in there, you're still going to be able to reach the green. First bunker is no go.

You know, I think with 13 -- or 15, I think it changes a little bit, but a little bit of wind and with my length, I still had 230 to the middle of the green and didn't hit a very good one today.

Q. What did you hit?

JASON KOKRAK: I was behind the left tree, so I didn't go for it. I mean, it's still a go pin if you've got right around 200 or so. But it just depends on how firm the greens get, where the pins are, and how fast the greens are. I think it's going to be a gametime decision.

I kind of like a little bit more length. I guess it plays a little bit more into my hands because I hit the ball a little bit higher. But I like the changes. The changes are good.

I think 11, it doesn't look a whole lot different, but for me I used to think you had to hit a cut off the tee ball, but it's a great looking hole, and I think it makes it a little bit better look.

Q. Now, if you're over there on the right side now that they've cleared all that out, what does that do?

JASON KOKRAK: Where I hit it, depending on the wind, it actually is fairway over there, so you can still play over there. I think it's a lot more fair. Before, you were kind of underneath the trees and you were just basically punching one up there and hoping to get it up there just over those mounds. If not, you're trying to give yourself a ten-footer for a 4. I think that was best case scenario.

It's a good hard hole, and they made it just a little bit more difficult, but I think a little bit more fair.

Q. Do you think that brings more big numbers into play because guys think they can go for it because they're not punching it out from the trees?

JASON KOKRAK: I think guys know that's kind of a diabolical hole. Visually, I think it's a little bit better because they expanded the fairway left and expanded the fairway right, but like in different spots.

So I think it might look like you can be a little bit more aggressive, but I don't think you're going to see too many more guys be overly aggressive. I hit a pretty good second tee ball, and I still had 8 or 7-iron into that hole. It's a long hole, and if it plays into the wind, it's going to play exponentially longer.

It's a good tough test of golf, and I think with green speeds and a little bit of firmness, it's going to be a fiery Masters this year.

Q. At what point in your first Masters, your second Masters, or however, do you feel like you're finally at the point where, all right, I'm ready to win here, I know this course well?

JASON KOKRAK: Well, I think the November Masters for me was my first one. Super wet. The golf course was not in the shape that I think Augusta wanted it to be in. So that was -- I kind of throw that one out, but that was kind of like a good prep for the upcoming Masters for me. It kind of gave me an idea of how fast things can get. It's probably about as slow as it's ever going to play in November there.

April was great. Still a little bit soft, but the greens were a little bit faster. Nonetheless, I think, depending on how much rain we get here tomorrow, I think this golf course is going to be as pristine as it's ever played. It's in great shape.

A couple of new greens are a little bit more Bermuda forward, but they're still rolling nice, they're rolling true. It's good. I think the changes are great, and it's still a golf course, and you've still got to hit the shots.

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