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January 14, 2003

David Nalbandian


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You came on fairly well at the end of last year, winning in Basel. Are you starting to feel like a little more back to normal after all the stuff with Wimbledon, you feel more confident, you're playing your good tennis again?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: Yeah, I hope play good again. I think today I didn't start really good the first set, and then I start playing good again. I think this tournament is very important for me, and start winning is very important. I feel really good in the second and the third set, and I hope continue like this.

Q. How long did it take you - the Wimbledon final, did it take you a while to sort of put it in the past and stop thinking about it and just play tennis?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: Yeah, I don't know if it take one, two, three weeks. Maybe never (smiling).

Q. Was it a problem a little bit?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: No, no, I play -- after Wimbledon, I play two weeks and (inaudible) and I was thinking another things. And then I think I focus again and I continue do a good job.

Q. I hate to keep asking you the same question, but what was the best part for you, you being in the Wimbledon final? What was the happy part, more recognition in Argentina, just more respect from the other players?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: Everything. I think played a Wimbledon final is great, and I think many things happen so you have more respect from the other players. Was a great (inaudible) in Argentina. I think everything was great.

Q. How about the Rebound Ace courts in the Australian Open, is that good for your game?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: Yeah, I feel it's a little slow so I think it's a good surface for us. I think you can play for the baseline normal, so I think is gonna be good.

Q. Do you get to practice on a Rebound Ace type of surface at home? Do you have anything like that?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: I played here last year and last week I play Auckland, so I think is almost the same. But I like it. I think it's a good surface.

Q. You have nothing like it at home to practice on when you're at home?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: No, we don't have one there.

Q. Which court were you on for your first round match at Wimbledon, do you recall?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: I don't know. I don't remember, yeah. I think it was... I think was 4 or something like that. I don't remember exactly.

Q. Not a show court?


Q. What's your expectation coming into this tournament and for the year ahead? What is your expectation of yourself?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: Well, it's difficult to say for one tournament. So it's difficult I want to be semis or final or win a tournament. I think the goal is be Top 10 this year. I working for that. I think this tournament is very important so I want to try to do my best here.

Q. Do you feel any more pressure?


Q. Your profile rose.


Q. No more pressure?


Q. At home there's not an expectation?


Q. Do you ever wish that you didn't make the Wimbledon final last year because now everyone talks about that and talks about -- doesn't talk about any other part of your life or your game?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: I don't know. I think before Wimbledon never know -- nobody know me. That's normal. And after that I think everybody watch me, but I think I trying to do my best always, and I hope to play again Wimbledon final and I hope to win, of course.

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