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April 2, 2022

Fred Ridley

Anna Davis

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Anna Davis from Spring Valley, California. 16 years old. Champion of the Augusta National Women's Amateur. We are joined by Fred Ridley, the Chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club. Congratulations on another fantastic championship.

FRED RIDLEY: It was a great week starting on Wednesday at Champions Retreat, and then to see the great women's amateurs compete at Augusta National today has been very special. Many thanks to you and your colleagues at NBC Sports for showing these talented players to the world.

Q. It was quite something. Anna Davis, thank you for all the excitement and all the fun. You were in here with us watching some of the highlights. What a great day. Congratulations to you.

ANNA DAVIS: Thank you.

Q. Anna, congratulations. We're very proud of you. Watching you play today you were so consistent all throughout today. 69, the back nine. 7 pars and two birdies. Were you watching the scoreboard as you played the back nine?

ANNA DAVIS: I was, yes. Towards the back 9 I was watching a lot more. There's score boards everywhere, so it's hard not to look, but I saw that I was pretty close to -- I think I was second going into the last two holes, so I was just trying to stay consistent and not make any dumb mistakes or anything like that.

Q. I understand also you share a birthday with a pretty famous amateur whose name is somewhat synonymous with this club.

ANNA DAVIS: Bobby Jones.

Q. St. Patrick's Day birthday, March 17th of 2006. We're talking here as we watching some of the highlights about your memories of Augusta, Tiger winning in 2019. It hasn't been much for you. What was it like as you played the practice round yesterday and then walking around today with the patrons and all the noise and the crowds? What was it feeling like for you?

ANNA DAVIS: I think yesterday it was definitely a little calmer. I wasn't expecting all of the crowds today, but I was on the putting green, and I just saw loads of people just walking to the first tee, and I was, like, oh, my God. I was not expecting. I don't think I've ever played in front of that many people before.

Q. Given all that, how did you stay so calm?

ANNA DAVIS: I don't know. I just tried to -- I wasn't as nervous for some reason, but I think I was -- I knew I was kind of an underdog in the field, and I didn't have as much pressure on me to do extremely well, so I was just out there having fun.

Q. When you won and you came back out, I saw some of your friends from Junior Solheim Cup greet you, and I saw your twin brother there. He kind of rubbed your head. It was a twin brother to twin sister back and forth. Tell me what he it's been like to learn the game with your dad teaching both of you along side your twin brother?

ANNA DAVIS: Ever since we were little we've done basically everything together. Throughout middle school we went to school together. It's kind of an advantage having somebody there with you all the time and getting to feed off of each other and learn things from each other, so having him here this week was a big deal for me.

Q. You two aren't competitive, are you?

ANNA DAVIS: Just a little bit. When we were younger, we were definitely a little bit more competitive. We would get mad at each other a lot. As we've grown, we've calm down a bit.

Q. Now you have one over him. You've won at Augusta National. We have a special presentation for you. Chairman Ridley, do the honors, please.

FRED RIDLEY: Congratulations, again. I couldn't be prouder to present you with this beautiful trophy, and we hope that it will always remind you of this amazing achievement that you have just accomplished. You're now part of Augusta National history just as our great Masters champions and former Augusta National Women's Amateur champions are, so we're really happy to present you with this trophy, and we hope that you will cherish it forever.

ANNA DAVIS: Thank you.

Q. Congratulations. Anna Davis, one of the bright stars in the San Diego golf scene the last few years. Comes to Augusta National for the first time, age 16, during what would be her sophomore year of high school, and now has something to tell everyone about.

What a great moment in her golf career and a great moment for all the players involved. Not just the 30 who made the cut here to play at Augusta National on this Saturday, but all 72 who took part in a wonderful week. Friendships and memories made for a lifetime. We see the future of the game continuing to be invested in by Augusta National and all of us as golf fans benefitting from it all. We'll see you again tomorrow during the drive, chip, and putt national finals on Golf Channel. Congratulations to the champion of the 2022 Augusta National Women's Amateur, Anna Davis.

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