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April 1, 2022

Georgia Hall

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Georgia, 1-under par 71. How do you assess your days' work?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I played really well again. Very steady. Really bummed about my two bogeys. I was trying to get bogey-free again.

But the pins were a little bit trickier today. I think I'm only a few shots off the lead, so still happy with my round today.

Q. How frustrating was that bogey on 17?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, just two three-putts today with my two bogeys, and my long game is really good. Actually haven't holed a lot first few days and still made good scores, so a lot of confidence going into the weekend.

Q. Big crowds today. Does it feel like more of an occasion?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, they're really supportive, and it's nice to see so many people come out. I expect a lot more over the weekend. But it's really nice to get some cheers.

Q. How are you feeling going into the weekend? What are your thoughts ahead of the next two days?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think I'm pretty well placed. Playing really well, just few behind, which is nothing in two more days of golf.

So happy with where I am, and look forward to tomorrow.

Q. After two years of playing here without fans, how much of a difference is it, and does the course sort of look different to you?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, it's a big difference having fans. It was really quiet the first time we came out and there was no one here. It didn't feel like a major.

But now everyone is back out and kind of back to normal. It's really nice. Always nice to get some support even though I'm out of the U.K.

Q. I always think you thrive a little bit more in front of a crowd, so you get that little bit more of a major buzz.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, definitely. I like it. It makes it -- you're playing well if you have people watching you so, it's only a good thing. Hopefully see a lot of people tomorrow.

Q. And this tournament is known for its quite knowledgeable crowds who have been coming for a long time. See lots of familiar faces since you've been coming here?

GEORGIA HALL: I've seen one or two, but I've seen signs on every hole saying, LPGA, we'll miss you. It's really cute.

Obviously lots of support, so it's always nice to see.

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