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September 4, 2005

Olin Browne


TODD BUDNICK: We welcome the last of the CRESTOR Charity Challenge winners this week, five of them, five way tie, first time in history here. Olin you'll be able to donate $50,000 to the healthcare charity of your choice, and you'll have a chance heading into tomorrow for another victory, your third on TOUR. Talk a little about that heading into tomorrow.

OLIN BROWNE: I think I won't think about that much until I'm coming down the stretch tomorrow. But very pleased to be in this position.

Obviously it was a difficult day out there. I felt that the course played exceedingly difficult in the afternoon. The pins were in good places and the greens really got firm, and if you didn't drive it in the fairway, you're going to have a lot of trouble keeping it on the green, let alone getting it where you need to make a putt. I managed to sneak a couple in and get in under par. It wasn't a great ball striking day, wasn't a great day at all, but it was a good enough day to keep me in it.

TODD BUDNICK: When you see scores like this morning and seems like maybe the course is going to get down more than it has the last few days, do you think about it?

OLIN BROWNE: No, because you know the difference between the morning and the afternoon. In the morning the greens are holding a lot of moisture. There's still some dew on the grass and the guys are obviously free wheeling it; 1 under, 2 under, 3 under, they have absolutely nowhere to go but forward.

But as the day progresses, we had an extra late start today anyway, and this cool air and low humidity and breeze, is it just sucked the moisture right out of the greens, and there were some very, very difficult pins, especially coming down the stretch, 15, 16, 17, and 18. So I'm not at all displeased to get in under par. Hope I can be just a little bit sharper for tomorrow.

Q. 18, was that a tough yardage?

OLIN BROWNE: That was a very tough yardage. I laid up too close to the green. I was trying get down to where I had lob wedge distance and it just took a really hard hop in the fairway, and just pitched a 7 iron on my lay up, on my second shot. I had 177 to my number and I hit 7 iron and hit it 12 inches too far, just took a bonus bounce, I guess, and so instead of having 85 to the pin, I had 74 or something, on a downhill lie to a tight flag, so nowhere for me to bump it in there. It was a difficult shot. I made a pretty good pass but because the flight of the ball was coming in lower than it would normally, didn't quite carry the distance I wanted it to, but I did manage to get it up and down.

Q. A tight leaderboard, my acute observation of the day.

OLIN BROWNE: I didn't look at it all day long. I saw there were five of us tied and a bunch of guys at nine. No different than it is every week, is it?

Q. We haven't had five in the top in 26 years?


Q. '83.

OLIN BROWNE: I was barely born in '83, come on.

Well, you know, like I said, there were a couple of guys that came out of the well, I think Kent Jones, I'm playing with him tomorrow. He shot 62 today, right?

Q. 63.

OLIN BROWNE: That's awesome. And John Rollins. It can be done. The course is there for the taking this morning. The truth is you could score this afternoon, but you had to be sharp. I think a couple of guys coming in shot 2 or 3 under, and that was pretty much low in the last hour or so, wasn't it. It was tough. It was tough out there. The wind was blowing. It was hard to pull the right club and when you did pull the right club, you had to hit the right shots.

Q. Could this have gotten away from you after 5?

OLIN BROWNE: I suppose it could have. I made some nice putts. I made a wicked putt on 9. For par and I made a couple I guess I made about a 7 footer on 7, and then I played more solidly on the back. I think I missed one green on the back. I settled down a little bit, just stopped trying to it in and hit perfect shots and hit solid shots and I managed to shoot under par the last nine.

Q. Yesterday inaudible?

OLIN BROWNE: Yesterday I was smoking. It's hard to change your mentality, too. I'm too stubborn to adjust on the fly. It took me a couple of bogeys to settle down and say quit trying to be perfect. Hopefully I can get off to a good start tomorrow and get a good rhythm and get some solid shots and get under par early and go low.

Q. Inaudible?

OLIN BROWNE: You know, you feel it out there. We'll be in the last few groups and the crowd will be letting us know what's going on. The crowd is always quick to let you know when you have misread a putt. We'll know where we are.

Q. The crowd was pretty sparse in the front nine on the last group, is that the nature of the layout of the back nine?

OLIN BROWNE: I think part of the deal is the front nine. Once you're on the front nine, you're stranded. You go out, you're in the middle of nowhere.

And the other factor was Tiger was playing earlier and they were all following him. I think things got a little bit thicker towards the middle of the back nine I noticed the last few holes. It's late, Labor Day weekend, I thought the clouds were pretty good considering. I think half the people were down on the Cape.

Q. Where you were as a kid.

OLIN BROWNE: Where I was, where I was last weekend.

TODD BUDNICK: I hit a good drive off the tee. I was surprised I had a number I could get home on that hole, and I was vacillating between clubs, got it over the green nice.

4, I made a dumb bogey. I tried to squeeze a sand wedge in there and plugged it in the bunker. Really had no chance of getting up and down.

5, I hit a really good shot that took a bad hop and I ended up in the bunker dent gate up and down either.

After that, things settled down.

Q. Inaudible?

OLIN BROWNE: Second shot on the left. I tried to hit a 5 iron in there. I hit a bad tee shot, kind of blocked it to the right. I was trying to punch a 5 iron, kind of have it skid up to the upper deck, and it landed perfectly. And then the second hop it caught the corner of the ridge and kicked that left and went in the bunker. Would have been a good shot if it would have been just a foot to the right but I made bogey.

Then I made a great par on 9. Again, I kind of overcooked a draw into that pin and had a really brutal lie and kind of it was really a funky lie. I just kind of bellied the wedge shot, maybe about a 40 footer and I somehow made it. That really was a significant hole of my day today. I could have gone 2 over for the day.

But then made a really good birdie on 12, made a good 9 iron in there about eight feet and made it.

14 was a classic example of showing a little patience after getting nipped early. I was in between clubs and I have been trying to squeeze the lesser club in there all day long, and on that hole I just took one extra (7 iron) and hit a little cut to that back right pin and left myself with a 20 footer and happened to make it which was nice and I made pars on the way in.

Q. Inaudible?

OLIN BROWNE: I had a 2 footer for par. I tried to squeeze a wedge in there and left it short. I made a bad lay up and I had the wrong number coming in there, really a bad number.

It was brutal out there, the sun dropped below the trees and you couldn't see anything, especially for us older guys. It was just hard, you know. I was kind of surprised frankly that we teed off as late as we did today, and I'll be looking toward to playing an hour and a half earlier tomorrow.

Q. The two times you won, you came from just a little bit behind; right?


Q. Other guys have never won before, we have Pettersson, Bohn just won, but curious, when you get to the payday, the winning day and there's two of you tied for the lead and you're ahead of anybody and it's on you, it doesn't maybe alleviate things but there's 30 of you tied for the lead or whatever it is, but the dynamic, is it different

OLIN BROWNE: I understand what you're getting at. We just have to wait until the last few holes to see the way things shake out. With as many guys as there are tied for the lead or one back or two back, there's going to be a lot of jockeying for position. The important thing is to catch a rhythm, catch a groove, hit as many quality shots as possible throughout the day which takes the stress off your game, and if you have a chance on the last couple of holes you have to take your crack.

End of FastScripts.

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