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March 26, 2022

Kelly Tan

Carlsbad, California, USA

Aviara Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, Kelly, you were the third hole in one on No. 3 today. Just take me through what happened there.

KELLY TAN: Oh, it's my favorite hole. It's a beautiful hole. We had 87 meters, which made it a perfect number for my gap wedge, 50 degree.

Yeah, just hit a beautiful shot on the perfect line, and it was just cool to see one bounce over and suck it back and went in the hole.

Q. Did you give any sort of reaction?

KELLY TAN: Yes. I think I was pretty pumped. (Laughter.) Yeah, no, I was happy.

Q. Your first hole in one in competition?

KELLY TAN: Yes, that's -- on the LPGA Tour, yes, that's correct.

Q. What's the last time you had a hole in one?

KELLY TAN: The last time I had a hole in one was 2020 in March, just before the COVID stretch.

Q. Wow.

KELLY TAN: Yeah, back in Calgary. It was like one of my first round back in, I don't know, couple months off. I hit not the greatest shot and it went in the hole.

Q. You had the ace, and then we were kind of joking, it was like the Bobby Orr hat trick of a scorecard there. Take me through what the rest of day was like for you.

KELLY TAN: Definitely a rollercoaster round. I think I went par, bogey, hole in one, bogey, eagle. Actually almost had another eagle on 10.

So it's been a really fun round. But, again, golf is a game that -- that's why I love the game. It can seem so easy, and also in the next hole it can just kick you in the nuts.

You just have to stay on top of everything and stay focused, and I just felt today I was a little bit off focus after a good hole.

So, yeah, see if I can string that all together and put on a good round tomorrow.

Q. So for every hole in one $20,000 is donated through St. Jude, the St. Jude CME Group Cares Challenge. What does it mean to you to know that something like a hole in one can go towards something like curing cancer?

KELLY TAN: I think that's such a great thing, that it goes to a good cause. I hope there is more hole in ones throughout the year this year that we can donate to St. Jude hospital.

Yeah, I will definitely -- that will definitely motivate me more now that I know.

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