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March 25, 2022

Kevin Kisner

Austin, Texas, USA

Austin Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rank that start?

KEVIN KISNER: It had to be a 10. I think I birdied every hole but 3 there and made a heck of a two-putt to halve that hole. 6-under through 6, and I think I was only 3-up. It was a heck of a match. 7-under through 8 and then just kind of held on from there.

He's relentless, man. He hits every shot right at the flag so you know you can't get away with average golf, and trying to keep your head in it to keep making birdies after you've made a bunch is tough.

Q. I know you mentioned yesterday having fun and maybe trash talking. My guess is there wasn't much?

KEVIN KISNER: Oh, there was actually a ton. It was actually fairly good banter. He told me to wake up on the 6th tee, I think, 7th tee maybe.

Q. Because you weren't saying anything? Is that why?

KEVIN KISNER: No, because I was 6-under after 6. He said, I'm waiting on you to wake up.

Q. Anything else that's suitable for --

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, he pushed a wedge to the right edge of the green, it kicks dead left, almost goes in to four feet, and I said, Good shot, Jordan. Like that all day long, though, on every hole.

Q. How long do you think it'll take him to get over this loss?

KEVIN KISNER: Oh, he's not worried about it. He's got plenty of money in the bank and I'm not too concerned with his well-being.

Q. Any football talk?

KEVIN KISNER: No, there was not any football talk.

Q. He didn't have anything to say; is that what you're saying?

KEVIN KISNER: There was not a lot to say about 33-18.

Q. You've been in this position before. Is there anything that you've learned going into the weekend at this particular event?

KEVIN KISNER: Definitely some prep on how to handle if you continue to go and how you prepare for those afternoon rounds. It's changed my way of thinking. Hopefully get a chance in the morning to put that action to work.

Q. Is that just resting?

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, just not even worried about warming up or going to practice before the round, maybe hitting three or four balls on the range and walking to the first tee.

Q. Were you gassed before the first time before you did that?

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I went out and did a full warmup before the final against Bubba, and two or three holes in I knew I was toast.

Q. You just are relentless out there, aren't you.

KEVIN KISNER: You've got to be when they're hitting it so far by you. You've got to just keep pounding the greens and making some putts. I got off to an unbelievable start, and he's a hell of a player. He shot right at the flag. One bad shot there right on the last hole, but it was a heck of a match, and I was just fortunate to come out on the right side.

Q. Now you play Adam Scott; that will be a fun match tomorrow.

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, looking forward to it. He's a heck of a player, too, so I'm just going to stick to what I do and see what happens in the end.

Q. You sound like one of those old football coaches. They're always better than I am, we're just going to give it our best shot; we're always an underdog. I guess that's a good way to do it.

KEVIN KISNER: That's the way I've been my whole life. I'm 5'10" and 160 pounds; I'm pretty much an underdog out here.

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