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November 19, 2005

David Nalbandian


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English and Chinese.

Q. Do you feel you played as well or even better than the other day against Ljubicic?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: I think in the first set I play same, but in the second was a little bit more tough. If I break him in the first game, it was going to be a completely different second set. I just do one mistake, and he start playing a little bit better, then he had the chance to take the second set. I really play good that game. I come back, playing as well as the first set. I feel good.

Q. What happened the first game of the second set? Was it an overrule or the linesman calling it out?


Q. Roger said in the press conference your serve is not as good as your baseline play. What strategy are you going to use tomorrow against him?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: The best that I can.

Q. After the first set, 6-0, did you ever think you would get the same result like Federer?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: Of course, it's very difficult. Semifinal, Masters Cup, it's not easy to win 6-Love. When you go out there, you think it's going to be the worst you can imagine. You go out there and play that good, so it's much better. It's not easy to win 6-Love.

Q. Do you think you will take advantage physically?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: No, not really.

Q. Can you explain what do you think you need to do differently tomorrow that you didn't do last Monday when you played Roger?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: Well, I get my chance on Sunday. I will try to keep it. I get the 3-1 in the third set. I didn't serve good, and he started playing much better than he played before. I will try to keep pushing him so hard to try to win.

Q. Is it going to be to your advantage that it's over the best-of-five sets this time?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: My advantage? Well, you never know. I don't know how he's from the ankle. Looks like normal. I think is the same thing for both.

Q. After this first match you told us you were not very well-prepared because you were ready for vacation. How much better do you feel now than on Sunday?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: A little bit better.

Q. Speed? Concentration? What is the part of your game you improved the most?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: Everything. The concentration, I'm focused all the time. I say in the beginning, if I know it before, I will come here earlier, practice better and everything.

Q. The history of tennis in Argentina, what do you think of victory, your winning of today, to be in the final?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: Well, it's good. I feel very happy, of course. I never imagined that I can play the finals tomorrow because I was out of the tournament. It's really nice to come here and playing that good again. That make me feel very comfortable on court and try to think in win the final as well tomorrow.

Q. Federer won 14 matches against Argentine players. Will this figure give you any pressure for tomorrow?

DAVID NALBANDIAN: No. He's beating everybody else. It's not just the Argentina players. It's everybody. I don't care.

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