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March 24, 2022

Ryann O'Toole

Carlsbad, California, USA

Aviara Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Solid round today out here. How did you find the golf course?

RYANN O'TOOLE: You know, I played it so many times, you know, coming from not far down the street. It helps to kind of know local knowledge, type of greens, and stuff like that.

For the most part, played consistent, played good. Yeah, I had one bad hole that I would say just kind of hurt me, but I just tried to stay patient.

Q. 3-under going into Friday. How is the game feeling right now for you? We have a few events under our belts so far.

RYANN O'TOOLE: Yeah, I feel like I had an off-season again. It was nice to have those three events, and then I got to go back and keep working on what I had worked on in the real off-season.

So game is feeling really good. I'm putting well. I think that's important out here. I'm striking it good.

So I just think I just keep staying patient like I am. It's Thursday.

Q. Yeah.

RYANN O'TOOLE: If I look back to how I won in Scotland I wasn't leading after the first day, so I'm kind of okay with where I'm at.

Q. Do you think about that a lot?

RYANN O'TOOLE: I put it into reminders because it's so hard to not want to chase, even after the first day or like go, God, like I'm this far back.

But at the same time, it's like how often does the person leading on the first day really win? Not often. It's hard to remind yourself of that. Not saying it can't by any means. It just is a thing to say that there is four rounds, so, you know, just keep building on what I did today and get a few more tomorrow and see where it puts me and into the weekend.

Q. How does it feel being -- UCLA, obviously got the local connection. Does it feel like a home game?

RYANN O'TOOLE: Well, I grew up in San Clemente, so 30 minutes north of here. Yeah, this is about as home as it gets for us.

I had grown up coming down here to play randomly, so definitely feels local.

Q. Do you have family and friends?

RYANN O'TOOLE: Yeah, family and friends are coming out. You get people that come and support. They'll be here all week, different days.

Q. Does that make it more fun for you personally?

RYANN O'TOOLE: Does it make it more fun? Totally does. It's nice. People that have been along this journey since I was younger, that have watched me grow up playing, that have seen how much me and my family, my parents had to travel to take me to tournaments throughout the years, but just to be like part of it, like to now come and like support at this level is just nice.

Q. And last question from me: You say you took the time off. You felt like you had a second off-season. What do you do when you're not on the golf course just to get your mind off the game?

RYANN O'TOOLE: When I'm not on the golf course?

Q. Yeah. When you're taking time off, what do you do to -- I know you're into extreme sports.

RYANN O'TOOLE: Yeah, well those six weeks we had, I think I took like five days at the very beginning, and then after that I just started playing and practicing and grinding.

I was like, okay, there are things I want to work on. I'm going to take advantage of this. You know, we worked on stuff with my swing, Jorge and I.

Got a boat. Went wake surfing. Bought an airbnb property. I been busy decorating that. That's now on the market, so I did keep myself busy.

I do love to play, love to practice, love to have betting games on the golf course. Like let's be honest, that's my favorite.

So I have a sponsor that's always in town and we play a lot of games, so it's fun.

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