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March 19, 2022

Aaron Brooks

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Media Conference

184 pounds

Aaron Brooks (Penn State) d. Myles Amine (Michigan)

Q. One of the more dominating matches I've seen tonight. You dominated from the beginning. You rode him. You tried to wear him down. You gave a takedown late. That looked like it really bothered you because you wanted to put a stamp on it. What does this mean to you, what you're able to do tonight?

AARON BROOKS: I'm so grateful. I come out. I see my family there. Reminds me of where I started, when you're in junior league and that's your corner. You've got your mom and dad's your coach.

I looked to them, I look up. God's got me. They've got me. I see my coaches. I'm at home wherever I'm at when they're with me. Means a lot to me to sit with them.

Q. It really looked like you wanted to shout out. Is there any doubt in your mind that's what the goal was tonight was a shout out? Is that what you wanted?

AARON BROOKS: You always shoot for that. But it's an NCAA Finals. So we got in a scramble. And I didn't want to risk him splitting my legs and getting back points. Once I saw we were in a funky position, ten seconds left it felt like freestyle belly out. Let it ride off into the sun.

Q. You were in elite accelerator program under Kevin Jackson, who coaches at Michigan. What did that program and Kevin mean to you?

AARON BROOKS: Grateful for my time out there. We still talk when we cross paths. But he has his guys. He's got to make sure Myles is ready. I know he cares for me and the time we had. But when it comes -- that's the sport. You go, you spend time. You're grateful for the time you have with people.

But coaches come and go in certain programs. So just grateful for every coach I've had in my corner from day one. Super grateful for KJ. It's all love.

Q. What did you take from the Big Ten final that you learned from and applied to tonight?

AARON BROOKS: Just sticking to my roots. Whenever I was preparing for the Big Ten, it was a really bad week for me, just doing a lot of things, going backwards. Doing things that God freed me from, things that don't mix well with wrestling. After that loss with Amine, I think that was God calling me. He woke me up.

I went home. Had two weeks to prepare, talked to God. And I know he wanted to use me. So I had to make sure I was in alignment with him, make sure I was walking, living the right way. Like I said he was calling me for a purpose. This platform is great to wrestle, but it's to glorify God. This stuff comes and go. I'm blessed with this opportunity, these gifts. They're not mine. He gives them to me to bring glory to him and get more disciples.

Q. Were there specific techniques or tactics you took from that you needed to tweak?

AARON BROOKS: I think my style, I had to wrestle hard. And sometimes I get overzealous and I come, come, I raise both my hands. That's when you see Amine was able to shoot under and in 30 seconds get two takedowns. Just being patient with that in the open, making sure I'm standing ready, my head and hands are ready. So I can't get underneath him.

So tactics, of course. Like I said my coaches, masters. So just listening to them, going out there, staying calm, pursuing the game plan and wrestle hard.

Q. Carter was here right before you, obviously we've had quite a few Penn State guys come up here tonight, which is outstanding. He said his next goal is to win a world title this year. Is that something you're going to look into trying to do also?

AARON BROOKS: Yeah, I want to be Olympic world champ. I was talking to Carter about these things, but I think as of right now, this year, I'm probably just going to take this time, relax with family and train.

I haven't had a summer with my family and myself since 2018 when I graduated high school. I've just been pushing.

2023, it's a big year to win the world titles. Setting up for finals, 2024. I think I'm going to take this year to relax, train hard, because then the next two years I'm chasing more dreams.

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