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March 19, 2022

Roman Bravo-Young

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Media Conference

Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) d. Daton Fix (Oklahoma State)

Q. You just knocked off a world silver medalist. Didn't take overtime this year, you beat him in NCAA Finals last year. First period take down, the strength of that one. Doesn't take overtime in control it felt like the whole match, right? Obviously get that win, knock off Daton Fix what's it mean for your national title?

ROMAN BRAVO-YOUNG: It means everything. (Indiscernible) it's hard. (Indiscernible) living my dream every day. I never thought, looking back, where I was a kid growing up in Tucson, Arizona, I never thought I'd be in this position, wrestling in front of my family in a pretty much sold-out arena.

Never thought I'd be a national champ yet a two time champ. (Indiscernible) and I'm excited and I'm going to celebrate this for a while. Long season, a lot of ups and downs, a lot of injuries. Battled through. Gotta get healed up. Other than that I'm just excited.

Daton Fix is tough. You guys know how good he is, world class level. (Indiscernible) best in the world at freestyle. (Indiscernible) good every day. But I've just got to make that switch over. I'm excited right now.

Q. When was the last time you can remember you were taken down. I've never seen anyone take you down like that.

ROMAN BRAVO-YOUNG: (Indiscernible) I got the most takedowns on the team. And I got taken down first match of the season. And I got taken down for the second time in (indiscernible) Purdue match (indiscernible). I've only been taken down twice this year. Had almost 90 takedowns. Keep records of everything. That's one thing I pride myself. A lot of people say I stalled, blah, blah, blah. I'm finding ways to win. It's not easy and two time national champ.

Q. Two time national champ, anything to prove at the collegiate level?

ROMAN BRAVO-YOUNG: Nothing left to prove. I love Penn State wrestling, 2022 team national champs. (Indiscernible) make it three and we can win another one. Something to get my mind. I'm not really too worried about that. If I do come back, I definitely, (indiscernible) definitely make you want to. (Indiscernible) to see if I want to. It's not easy you've got to be dialed in long process, as of now I'm satisfied I graduate in May and take it slow after that.

Q. Tell me a little bit about your lifestyle and training habits. What are staples you think have helped lead you up to this point right now?

ROMAN BRAVO-YOUNG: Right now, no one works harder than me. I put in so much, it's cliche thing, but I put in so much time. I'm running miles three times a week, do extra workouts twice a day. I don't care what day it is. The coaches tell me I have to chill out a little bit, let my body recover. I never feel I'm doing too much.

Two time national champ but now I've got to be a big target on my back. That means I'll work a lot harder and that and other than that just getting in the world (indiscernible) myself I don't really put pressure on myself. I guess I said there's many things but does feel good.

Q. Cael (indiscernible) through some spiritual things in Christ. Do you have any relationship with Cael's similar to Aaron and how he talked about it yesterday?

ROMAN BRAVO-YOUNG: I do. We all have our own relationships. Cael doesn't say too much. He doesn't like to talk (indiscernible) give him a little bit trash talk. He's not used to it. (Indiscernible) approach me sometimes. I mess around with him. Cael can't tell if I'm joking or paying attention or having fun because I never smile if you notice I never smile.

But me and Cael have a different kind of relationship but he's helped me grow a lot. And he's the best pretty much plain and simple -- his process and anyone can say what they want but he finds a way to get us ready at the end.

Q. The name image likeness thing is where you and Gable and a couple other people can actually make money in wrestling in Division I. If it turns into a situation where the name imagine likeness however your school does it becomes more friendly for you to make money and earn on your name image and likeness is that probably a better chance we could see you next year?

ROMAN BRAVO-YOUNG: 100 percent. Penn State [inaudible] whatever the rule is, you guys get me some deals with some companies, I'll come back, no doubt. Money talks, [inaudible] like I said, I graduate.

So if I'm going to come back, donors already know what to do. But other than, that's just me talking. I'm excited. Good chance, like I said, just to enjoy this, play it by ear.

I've got to get healed up. My thumb is jacked up real bad. I'm always taped up. A lot of inside injuries I need to push through. I've got to get these taken care of. Other than that, just figuring it out. Like I said, if I'm going to come back, it might not even be until next year.

Q. I know you talked about working out, freestyle is that something you want to do in the future, is that something you're looking forward to doing?

ROMAN BRAVO-YOUNG: Yeah, that's my next biggest thing, all I've ever wanted, NCAA wrestling was just to win a national title. It's a cherry on top.

I just won a world couple medals, couple trials in freestyle, maybe go to 2024 and then I'll switch over to fighting. Other than that I want to make a good couple runs in freestyle. I haven't put my all, haven't focused on freestyle, I know (indiscernible) -- Olympic bronze medalist, beat a guy dominant on the world level for however long now. I'm right there.

I know I'm one of the best in the world make it happen freestyle, get better. I don't train freestyle anymore. It's a different ball game, can't be sitting on the edge like that.

Q. Sounds like the thing with Dominic Cruise, I see you training with him a lot. Is that training camp would be would you move back to New Mexico or where would it MMAI like the name image thing you know I'm the biggest advocate of you coming back if MMA is Dominic crews is that who you train with?

ROMAN BRAVO-YOUNG: Yes, he'll be my head coach, my mentor, guys know a lot of things a lot of emotional mindset work with him a lot, he's a businessman, makes sure I'm on my set, gets all my deals, [inaudible] he looks after me. He's a big role model in my life he actually is here he surprised me last night.

I'm excited to share this with him. I've been getting him ready for his past two fights. So we have a close relationship and that's who I'm going to fight under, but that's not until after 2024 other than that I see his tweets all the time. He says he wants me to come back you know what to do. [Inaudible].

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