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March 18, 2022

Carter Starocci

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Penn State

Media Conference

THE MODERATOR: 175, Carter Starocci just advanced to the NCAA Finals match. Congratulations.


Q. You might be the most confident person I've ever talked to in the course of this season. What are your thoughts heading into the NCAA Finals?

CARTER STAROCCI: A lot of confidence comes from God. I put God first in everything. With him in my life I know that I'm just a blip of existence. I'm not going to care what no one thinks about me. I'm going to go out there and do what I want. I don't get up in the morning to say another guy can beat me. I'm coming to take everyone out. That's what it is, that's the mind-set, that's what our coach's mind-set is, my team, my team, line 'em up.

Q. What were you seeing that you were able to get in and finish shots as cleanly as you did?

CARTER STAROCCI: Just like I said before, I don't get up in the morning just to half, like, give half the effort.

I come, I look for my technique -- can I get bonus points?

Q. You did -- no, it was 10-3.

CARTER STAROCCI: I have to do better, I got to get bonus points for our team. I'm coming for the individual title, and the team title, I have to keep pressing forward, keep moving forward, keep looking forward, keep improving in all areas.

Q. You talked about the team attitude, is it one of no fear? Is that how you guys wrestle, without any fear?

CARTER STAROCCI: Yeah, we don't fear anything, we near no man. Yeah, that's not even a thought. I haven't heard that word in a minute.

Q. I want to talk about how your teammates inspire you.

CARTER STAROCCI: Yeah, that's a good question. I'm sitting back, relaxing, watching Roman, watching Nick and I'm warming up and I see Max, I see Greg, all of our guys, our coaches, our coaches get in the fox hole with us, it's day in and day out effort across the board. All the people back stage you guys don't see, but we're doing work all the time. Being part of this program, there are no words. It one of those things you have to experience to understand what it is.

Q. The way you describe your teammates sounds like you're describing a machine that's brought together by heart, is that what this is?

CARTER STAROCCI: I think it's God, our words, thoughts, action, everything is sacred so I think it's better than a machine, it's almost like -- just like -- I mean, we all have a lot of power.

I don't know, I think when it comes to my life it's God and he brings peace and love into all of our hearts and that's what our program is.

Q. You had some close matches and you found ways to win, didn't matter what the match was, you would find a way to win. I heard this year you spent more time in the wrestling room and they almost have to kick you out almost every day because you're working so hard. What brought that on?

CARTER STAROCCI: There is not a guy that's close to my level so last year I had to hop in the fox hole and shoot all the clips but this year I'm not looking to do that I'm looking to dominate. That's a testament to my family and where I come from. Our whole family is all fighters, my dad works real hard, my Grandpa, my brother, my mom, my sister, everyone works hard so that's kind of our nature, when one of us go to war all of us get in there with you.

It's not just me out there, it's a lot.

Q. Brooks is up next and then Max and Greg follow you, with Roman and Nick also in the NCAA Finals what are your thoughts?

CARTER STAROCCI: My thought was I was trying to go out there and get some bonus points. I could have got more points, and that's something I will build on next match. That's a blessing that opportunity brings. That happened, it's gone, get it next time and keep moving forward. It's day by day, and I love the life that I live, our teammates do.

They're excited for this opportunity. They're well aware it comes and goes, one day you will wake up with all your dreams in your face so it's like having that-- like what you doing every day with all your decisions and being focused.

THE MODERATOR: Best of luck tomorrow.

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