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March 18, 2022

Nick Suriano

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Media Conference

Q. They gave you a couple of nicknames. I think that you had nicknames, but Nicki push-ups, Nicki corn rows, but now it's Nicki finals. Right?


Q. Do you thrive in these final type situations at the NCAA Tournament?

NICK SURIANO: Yeah, I think I got what it takes. I can't look back, you know, with the past. Got to move forward and attack and get what I want because. I know I'm the best.

Q. Nick, before the match started with all the hooplah and everything, you were doing a bunch of stuff on the mat almost looking robotic. Can you describe what you were going through there? As your preparation, what's your mindset?

NICK SURIANO: Just versions of myself. Just expressing myself when the lights are on no matter who is watching or how many people are in there. It's kind of self-fulfilling prophecy out there. It's the only way I would describe it. It helps me face my fears.

Q. How has this Michigan experience been for you?

NICK SURIANO: Amazing. Amazing. The fact that the finals are tomorrow, it's a special day for me and my family, and it's in Detroit. It's in Michigan. See I'm facing a fellow jersey guy, but I'm focused on what I need to do.

Q. Nick, it's hard to see if you are helping Michigan more or they're helping you more. What is it?

NICK SURIANO: It works both ways, for sure. Tomorrow it's time to get the job done and really dig deep, not even dig deep. Just enjoy and win and then do. It's been a long journey. I've gotten to this point, but going to Michigan at this time of my life was the best thing for not only myself, but I think the team and the people I'm around. We're blossoming together.

Q. Nick, you looked really relaxed out there during the match. You looked like you were in total control.


Q. Is that something you've been working at because big moments, people act differently?

NICK SURIANO: Yeah, you know, I used to train with that guy, so I used to be in Arizona. I lived in Arizona for a year, and just getting over those fears, those barriers, those past agreements -- those old agreements, just breaking through them, and that was a step that I needed to go through to get to where I'm at right now.

And, again, last night, I had a shaky night I would say for myself, but it snapped me right back into position for that first match, and that's how I see things happening tomorrow. Yeah, I don't have too much to say. I just know what I've become and I'm not letting anybody get in the way, especially on March 19th.

Q. Apologies. I came in a little bit late, but you just helped your team move one step towards or a little closer to potentially being able to secure a national championship. What does that mean to you just trying to keep up in that race right now?

NICK SURIANO: Yeah, to be better than your best, be better than good, be great. It's a lot. You know, it's a lot of stimuli. A lot of people. A lot of energy. It's tough to channel all that, but that's my job, and I think the team and Michigan, Big Ten is a surprise perhaps, but it's a big reason why I ended up in Michigan.

It goes a lot deeper than that, but it's showing, you know? For myself, I wish I scored more, and familiar foe, whatever that means, right, but it's all good. It's all preparation for life's challenges, facing my fears.

Q. What was it like last time out there with fans the last couple of days in the arena and just getting back to a little bit of normalcy there?

NICK SURIANO: You know, it was cosmic. So much out of my control, and it's all in my control. You're facing your fears. You're seeing your past demons. You're seeing people you've competed with. Who is up a weight, who is down a weight? The coach. It's a lot. Then have you the fans and the energy and the screams and the yells. It's how you channel it. It comes down to these little milliseconds. I'm learning. You have to seize them right when they open or it becomes a blur. I'm just super fortunate and grateful truly to be back at this stage. Tomorrow I look to light it up.

Q. How do you feel about facing Pat, a kid from your home state?

NICK SURIANO: Happy to see where he has gotten, but I'm ready to take it to him and show him who is boss and show him who I am again. It's nothing personal. It's cool to see forces collide like that, but I trust my team. I trust my support team, my family, and I believe in myself. This is my vision quest, and here I am.

Thanks, everyone.

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