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March 18, 2022

Georgia Hall

King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia

Royal Greens Golf & Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Well played yet again. Very different round, I guess, from yesterday, but the same score. Tell me about it out there.

GEORGIA HALL: The pins were a little trickier actually than yesterday. Yesterday had excessive wind (indiscernible). Obviously, it was pretty much nothing this morning, but it's kind of up a little bit now.

I'm pretty pleased with the way I played. Kind of just plodding around. Much steadier round today. Yeah, I'll take that into the weekend.

Q. Was it harder to readjust because obviously the conditions were so extreme and they were quite quiet this morning. Was it actually quite hard to adjust to them?

GEORGIA HALL: A little bit. I spent a little bit longer on the range just trying to get the swing back after playing in the wind yesterday. Yes, it was lovely to play the front nine and not a lot of wind. It was a lot easier mentally.

Q. There's no doubt about it you had the rough side of the draw. That was a sandstorm yesterday. You're never short of confidence, but must have more confidence you've gone out in the worst of conditions and are still standing here currently with a three-shot lead.

GEORGIA HALL: It gives me a lot of confidence of course. That's what happens with golf, I think. Sometimes you get good draw, bad draw, and that's what happens. You've got to accept it, which I did.

Yeah, a lot of confidence going into the weekend. On the weekend, whoever's near me score-wise will be near my tee time, so we all have it roughly the same. I don't mind playing in the wind, so we'll just see what happens.

Q. Fingers crossed. It's a little bit windier now, I guess.

GEORGIA HALL: Yes, wind gets bad, but even just a little bit of it, I'll be happy.

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