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March 13, 2022

Jon Rahm

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA

TPC Sawgrass

Quick Quotes

Q. Birdies at 16 and 18 to finish off the round. How big of a challenge has this week been for you?

JON RAHM: I was on the good side of the draw, so not as much of a challenge as other people had out there. I'm one of those who believes that if this wasn't THE PLAYERS Championship, we would have not played yesterday. I don't know if they should have. Luckily I was on the other side, and today I was able to play a rather mediocre round of golf and post a decent score and I'm still in the hunt for this tournament, so I consider myself lucky.

Haven't done anything for two years, which is almost odd. I almost feel like a travel day and a little bit more, and like oh, we've got to play now. Yesterday I hit one shot and I went home. This is probably the weirdest event we can possibly have.

Q. With all the rain and everything that's happened, how is the condition of the golf course?

JON RAHM: To be honest with how much water the golf course has had, better than you would expect. You still run the risk of getting a mud ball in the fairway just because of the way it is, but the greens are rolling a lot better than I thought they were going to, a lot faster today. You can tell they were able to get a few greens and at least roll them.

They were going to be soft. They were already soft starting the week, and then when you have all the traffic we've had, it's just some holes that are a little softer. But for the most part they're a lot better than I would have expected them to be.

I'm looking forward to the afternoon. We're not going to be able to place the ball, so that should be a little bit challenging.

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