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August 31, 1997

Marcelo Rios

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. In the beginning of the fifth set, was it kind of who breaks first will win the match?

MARCELO RIOS: Who break first? What do you mean?

Q. Nick Bollettieri later on said that because both of you seem to be physically a little bit down, he said, "The first break will decide the match in the fifth set."

MARCELO RIOS: That's what Nick say?

Q. Yes.

MARCELO RIOS: Everybody have different opinion. I felt really good physically, never cramped during the match. I was feeling a little bit tired. My right leg I have an injury. My how you call it? How can I say? I've been with an injury for the two last matches. I think it was because of that, but I didn't feel that tired. I think played a pretty fast match, three hours, five sets.

Q. How well are you playing right now?

MARCELO RIOS: I think I'm playing pretty good. I've been serving better, coming in a bit more. I've been feeling really good from baseline. I think I've been playing my game.

Q. Can you just win from the baseline here or are you going to have to change your game a little bit?

MARCELO RIOS: Well, I think I'm a baseline player, but I'm trying to come in the short balls, trying to win quickly the points. But I think I'm playing my game and I'm happy when I'm doing it.

Q. Marcelo, is it hard for you to sustain your concentration set by set? You played a lot of five-setters this year?

MARCELO RIOS: Well, I've been doing it pretty good. I've been playing five sets and winning two matches in a row. I think I'm concentrate a lot. I'm not going like rushing too much every point. I think I'm concentrated really good.

Q. What's your opinion about Tommy Haas?

MARCELO RIOS: I think he's a great player. I think he maybe has to improve a little bit physically. Strong player; tough to beat.

Q. What kind of chances do you give yourself here? I mean, as you say, you're a baseline player, maybe people don't think of you as a hardcourt player.

MARCELO RIOS: I think everybody have the same chance. Everybody playing good have the same chance.

Q. You think you can win here?

MARCELO RIOS: I think I can win.

Q. Are you particularly comfortable on the surface? I know you've had a lot of success on clay, but do you like the surface a lot?

MARCELO RIOS: Like every South American, we were born on clay, but I think I play much better on hardcourt, feeling much better on hardcourt.

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