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September 2, 1999

Marcelo Rios

Flushing Meadows, New York

USTA: Questions for Marcelo, please.

Q. Marcelo, you were getting some treatment after the match? Was that just massage? Was it physical therapy?

MARCELO RIOS: Just physical right now. I have no injuries. I'm feeling much better from last week's -- just massage and stretching a little bit.

Q. After losing the first set, was there a sense of panic there, or was it just some little adjustments that you had to make?

MARCELO RIOS: I lost that game. When I change my shoes, I was a little bit sloppier. But I think I start playing much better after he won the first set and I stopped -- start hitting more the ball and feeling much better.

Q. Are you feeling comfortable playing on this surface? You've played on it a number of times now. Is it playing well for your type of game, now?

MARCELO RIOS: I think I played pretty good. I felt really good today from baseline hitting good backhands. I think it's much I play -- I feel much better.

Q. In general, are you feeling more comfortable on hardcourts?

MARCELO RIOS: I always said I prefer slow hardcourts. That's my favorite right now.

Q. And this is playing fast, this particular surface?

MARCELO RIOS: It's pretty fast. It's getting fast -- it's use getting fast for the US Open. But my favorite is hard slow.

Q. With the men's draw depleted by the Rafter and Sampras being out, do you see yourself -- do you have high ambitions for this tournament? Do you see yourself possibly getting into the semifinals, finals? Is that a realistic objective?

MARCELO RIOS: I think everybody's playing good. It has nothing to do with Sampras or Rafter's out. It's really competitive. Even if they're here, everybody can beat them. I think it's tough enough a draw even if they're not there, and I think anybody can win.

Q. How about next match with Kiefer?


Q. Kiefer.

MARCELO RIOS: I play Kiefer next?

Q. No, sorry, you don't. You play Goldstein or Kroslak. Have you played with them?

MARCELO RIOS: Never played them before. I don't even -- I never have seen them play before.

Q. Will you be playing Davis Cup?

MARCELO RIOS: Yeah, I'm going to play Davis Cup.

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