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March 5, 2022

Rajeev Ram

Jack Sock

Reno, Nevada

Press Conference


6-3, 6-4

USA - 3

Colombia - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Talk about the emotion of being able to clinch that one, close it out.

RAJEEV RAM: Yeah, for me it was the first time in that situation. Unfortunately we didn't have that opportunity in Turin last year. This is only our second tie.

The boys gave us an opportunity yesterday by playing so well, with so much heart. I thought we did a great job coming out and bringing energy today. It was awesome. There's no other way to describe it.

Q. Jack?

JACK SOCK: Yeah, I feel like it's different kind of years later. I feel like I always used to watch the bros trying to clinch the doubles.

Playing the doubles on a Saturday match as opposed to singles is a different feeling. I also think it's really cool to be able to hopefully finish off a tie like we did today and give the guys a little rest. After their hard work yesterday, it's a little thank you to them to try to finish it off.

I thought we came out, like Raj said, a ton of energy, thought we gelled really well. We got up early in each set which definitely helps a lot. The 4-All, 5-All games would be stressful. I was kind of happy with the way it went, for sure.

Q. When did you find out who you were playing exactly today? Nobody saw Farah out there practicing. Did you know yesterday?


JACK SOCK: About two days ago we started thinking. No one had seen him hit a ball yet. We weren't for sure, because he could have been practicing different times than us. Strategize that well.

We kind of had a little hunch. An hour before they have to tell you. We probably knew an hour and a half before.

Q. Recently there have been some bumps in the road in Davis Cup history. What does it feel like to be back in the winning column?

JACK SOCK: Feels great, especially after Turin. I think unfortunately it was one of the low weeks for everyone there, throughout the year. It was a down week, a low-energy week. I think obviously you could see it in the results that we had.

I think to bounce back with a very energetic team, a very positive team, that went out there and showed the emotion to the bench, to our captain, to themselves, it was awesome.

It's obviously so easy to get behind. I think the tennis was a result of that. The results we had were because of the energy I think a lot.

Q. What was it like playing in front of a band, cheerleaders?

JACK SOCK: He probably did it in college.

RAJEEV RAM: I was going to say, the last time I had a band was in college, which was a long time ago (laughter).

Look, I was so impressed with the turnout both days. I thought today was incredible.

JACK SOCK: More than the singles.

RAJEEV RAM: More than the singles, exactly.

It really helps. I don't know if people realize how much of a difference it makes for us players, especially when it's a home and away team competition thing. When you can have that kind of crowd support, it just happens to be important in the biggest moments, kind of create that little magic that you need.

It was so cool. I thought everybody did a great job. It was awesome.

Q. Jack, I'd like to ask you about your career. You emerged young, had some really great success, Paris and so forth, then some setbacks. Talk about the longevity in your career and today getting this win.

JACK SOCK: Yeah, I mean, I had some absolutely incredible memories in my career. If I were to stop today, I could look back and say I've done some amazing things. I'd be happy with a lot of things I've done.

But it's a different mindset these days. Obviously married now, have a family, per se, of my own, my wife, hopefully kids one day. It's kind of different than playing for yourself and your team around you.

Yeah, I'm happy my body is feeling good again. I think in tennis injuries are the worst thing that can happen, just with the ranking system and everything. It's unfortunate there is no come back to where you were. You get some protecteds, but, yeah, to be 8 in the world, a year and a half later be unranked is not the easiest with a bunch of unfortunate injuries.

Like I said, body feels great now. Love playing for my family. Hopefully can play for however many more years. I don't know.

Q. Is it one of those moments where you let it roll off your shoulders when someone hits around the net?

JACK SOCK: That's pickle ball stuff today.

RAJEEV RAM: Yeah, you got to try to let it roll off your shoulders as best you can. He hit a great shot. Just try to treat it like another point. Yeah, realize they're probably going to get a little bit juiced up from it. I think we responded well. There's quite a few, what do you call it, house of highlight shots out there from them.

JACK SOCK: They highlight reeled us.

RAJEEV RAM: Beat us on that for sure.

Q. Raj, how tough was it over the years? You always had the Bryans there, kind of an automatic. I'm sure you were kind of chomping at the bit to get your chance. Was that a tough stretch for you?

RAJEEV RAM: Yeah, I kind of had that in both singles and doubles to be honest. There was periods where I was fourth or fifth or third or fourth or whatever. But the guys that were ahead of me were considerably ahead of me, whether it was Andy, Mardy, James, guys that were consistent top-20, in Andy's case, top-10 players.

I felt like I was playing some pretty good tennis at times even in singles. Didn't get a look. In doubles, I felt honestly further away in the doubles than the singles because the Bryans were just that good.

To be able to finally be on the team and feel like I'm a real part of it. I hope we're kind of setting this up to where we have a deep pool of singles guys that we can choose from depending on the situation. If Jack and I can sort of be the doubles team that represents us, I think it's a pretty good feeling and it's a responsibility that I welcome wholeheartedly.

Q. Just had to wait till you were 37.

RAJEEV RAM: That's it. Sometimes that's what it takes (laughter).

Q. Jack, your forehand is an incredible weapon. What have been the one or two toughest forehands you've faced? What is it like to play the tour knowing you have that weapon?

JACK SOCK: Part A, I think Rafa when he goes after it obviously can yank you around like a chain. It's not very fun to play against.

Obviously DelPo when I played him a couple times was a nightmare. Indoors in Stockholm was not very fun. He was like kind of the same swing, but one could be normal and one could be Mach 10. He had such good precision with it and everything.

Yeah, I think those two were tough in obviously different ways.

Part B, I mean, it's a great feeling, what everyone likes to talk about with my game. Obviously if you can find my backhand, you're probably going to beat me. If I can hit with my forehand, I'm probably going to win. It's a nice cushion to have.

Yeah, I don't know. For sure it's a weapon. If I didn't have it, I probably wouldn't be sitting here. Yeah, hopefully I can keep whipping it like that for however many more years I can do this.

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