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April 18, 1994

David Rikl


Q. Were you surprised to be so rapidly in control of the match?

DAVID RIKL: I started the match very well. It was important for me to keep my concentration during the first set. He made too many mistakes in the beginning of this first set; then he improved his game and started playing better from the baseline. It is a good thing that I was able to keep my serve.

Q. You played him once already in Lyon and he beat you in straight sets. Was it because he was on a high after a good U.S. Open or is it because the surface was different? What is the difference?

DAVID RIKL: In Lyon he beat me strong, 6-1, 6-2. This clay court is better for me because it is not as fast as the one in Lyon. So I could prepare my point from the baseline before going up to the net. This is why I won today.

Q. You improved your ranking a lot this year. What can you see has improved in your game?

DAVID RIKL: I think for me it was mostly important that I start to work with my new coach, working together like half year, Mike Bauer, he is playing also this tournament here. He is playing doubles and he helped me a lot and we are together practicing together on the tournaments and before I was just alone and I think this is most important for my game, that somebody is with me on the tournament and helping me, you know, to try to prepare me for the games, for the matches and this is most important.

Q. How did you come to link up with Mike and why didn't you have a coach before? Was it because you couldn't afford to pay somebody; lower down in the rankings?

DAVID RIKL: No, before I had my coach in Czech Republic and he cannot travelling with me because he is my manager in Czech Republic, so-- was with him four, five years. He couldn't come with me. So I was looking for somebody and then we played together with Mike Bauer some few tournaments in doubles and we were doing well, so that is why I ask him for the coaching and we start with it, just like half year ago.

Q. Is that the highest ranked player you have beaten?

DAVID RIKL: Yeah, I was like maybe 56, 58, but after this match I am not sure.

Q. No, sorry, Pioline, was he the highest ranked player that you had beaten?

DAVID RIKL: Yeah, I am not sure. What is he at the moment?

Q. 10.

DAVID RIKL: Yes, this is my best result.

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