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September 3, 1994

Richey Reneberg


Q. It looked like at the beginning he was kind of dictating more and after the first set it looked like you got back in rhythm?

RICHEY RENEBERG: Yeah, it was a lot of times in three out of five-set matches, you can't get too down on yourself. I thought the first game in the second set was very important. I think I wasn't playing very well at the beginning, he was playing pretty well, serving very well. It was hard to really get playing my way into the match and first game of the second set, had a few breaks points, I think had he won that game, it could have been a lot different, but you know, after that, I really felt like I hit the ball well, and all of a sudden, I felt like I was patient, picked up his serve a lot better, I thought, at first I was -- you know, again, today was very windy, and you know he hits kind of a heavy -- his balls have a lot of topspin on them, a lot of times they get up high, I think maybe, you know, once I got used to it, I played really well. I thought I played very well in the second, third, fourth sets.

Q. Second week singles at a Slam; how does it feel?

RICHEY RENEBERG: It feels great. I mean, at the beginning of the year-- last couple of years, I really wanted to, like I was saying the other day, I feel confident playing on all the Tour events, then I get to the Grand Slams, I just haven't had very good results. It is a nice enough breakthrough to get through the fourth round. I am glad it is here in New York at the Open, and you know, the crowd has really helped me a lot. I think they really got kind of behind me ever since Monday night, the win over Becker, and that makes a difference as well. So I felt like I am hitting the ball well. But, hopefully, you know, on Monday I will keep it going.

Q. Best you have done in a Slam in singles?


Q. Where was that?

RICHEY RENEBERG: Third rounds of the others. I have been in the third round of the others. That is as far as as I have gotten -- first time I got past the second round here.

Q. I know you have said you didn't really care about other peoples' expectations after the Becker match and so forth. But do you feel any sort of inner, like-- here I really showed them I won, I have kept on going after the Becker match, that I wasn't a one-shot wonder that night?

RICHEY RENEBERG: It wasn't so much to show anybody. I wanted to kind of do it for myself, really, I wasn't too worried about what everyone else thought I should be doing after winning the first night and, you know, like say, I mean, the last three weeks, really, starting in Indianapolis, I really have been playing well, and I have very few bad days since, and I think the main thing is confidence, like I have been saying all along, it is like anyone can beat anyone, but once you get a little confidence, you win a few matches. That helps more than anything. That is kind of what happened the last couple of weeks, and last week in Long Island I played very well, and it continued here, so. . . I kind of, you know, I am glad for myself. Like I said last-- beginning last couple of years, that was kind of my goal to do well in the Grand Slams, and, you know, this year I have done relatively well and did well at the French and here, so...

Q. You talk about confidence. Were you confident that you could advance this far coming in?

RICHEY RENEBERG: I thought -- yeah, I mean, I know that I am capable of it. But you know, for seven years I haven't done it, but you know, I felt like, yeah, I had a decent shot. Obviously, when I played Becker I knew that I would be lucky to win that match. Once I did, I think last couple of matches I have played very well, and it is nice to win a couple after having such a big match like that, having a big victory like that, it is nice to win a couple of more. Hopefully, maybe I will win another.

Q. We see a different confident Richey from a not a confident Richey Reneberg. What are you doing out there?

RICHEY RENEBERG: I think the big difference is whenever I am confident I tend to be a bit more aggressive from the backcourt. So many guys these guys' games -- really going through big serves time and I think it has a lot to do with most matches these days, especially on the faster courts, and, you know, I don't really -- I don't really have a big serve. So it is important for me to try to find ways to win points. Whenever I kind of sit back and and let guys kind of dictate play; then I don't play well and I am not too confident. When I try to take some chance and whenever I am not afraid of making some mistakes, then that is kind of when I play best, when I have take a few chances.

Q. Seemed like you did more and more today?

RICHEY RENEBERG: Yeah, I think-- obviously the third set was real key, I mean, it was frustrating being up 3-Love, serving at 30-Love and to lose that game, you know, but obviously it was great to win the third set. Like you say, I kind of felt like I got a bit defensive there in the third set, but you know, I knew back of my mind that I was going to have to be aggressive to win because if you sit back and let him dictate the points with his forehand and his serve, then you are in a lot of trouble. I thought if I could put pressure on his backhand, that I had a good chance, and I kind of -- going into the match I knew that is what I had to do. First set I was just making a lot of errors you but unfortunately, I got my game going.

Q. What was you lead in the third set? Were you up 5-2 or ---

RICHEY RENEBERG: I think 5-3. 3-0, 2 breaks; then 5-3.

Q. People are talking and writing about you being on a roll. Do you feel that? I mean, is there anything -- emotionally does it feels a bit different about this experience than previous experiences?

RICHEY RENEBERG: Yeah, definitely, I mean, like I said the other night, I mean, my main focus, you know, has always been singles and a lot of people, after, you know, I did relatively well in doubles for a year or two, started labeling me a doubles player, and I'd much rather do well in singles. Doubles, you know, it is nice to win doubles matches. It is nice to play Davis Cup, and all that, but really singles is kind of what I'd like to concentrate on; especially next couple of years, I feel like I have got a couple of good years left in me, hopefully, and but yeah, definitely feels different, I mean, this is what I work hard for all year is singles. It is not, you know, obviously, it was great to win the U.S. Open doubles a couple of years ago, but the singles is really what is most important to me, and to be playing this well and to have that win over Becker and to get this far at the U.S. Open, yeah, it feels different than obviously losing first and second rounds, that is for sure.

Q. Is it near -- how would you describe the last couple of weeks? Are you in a zone? Are you on a real hot roll?

RICHEY RENEBERG: No. I just think that I am playing well. It is the thing -- I have been playing on the circuit for like seven years so, you know, you kind of get used to everything and I just feel like I am playing very well, but like I said, I have been playing long enough to know next match you can go out there and be terrible, but I feel like right now, I am hitting the ball well; I feel kind of -- you know, all my strokes kind of seem to be in a groove, and I am doing everything pretty well, so that is the most important thing, and hopefully that will continue, I don't see any reason why it won't. You never know. You got to prepare for each match, and you are ready for anything.

Q. Do you feel like you are on the verge of craking up on in the upper echelon of the game to be one of the top players?

RICHEY RENEBERG: Not really. It is just -- you know, it is -- I don't know. I mean, like I say, it is -- most important thing to me is doing well in Grand Slams. That was one of my goals at the beginning of the last couple of years, and, you know, whatever happens, after that happens, but. . .

Q. Do you see that happening?

RICHEY RENEBERG: It would be -- I'd be a pretty late bloomer, I think. 28 years old.

Q. Are you wondering why it has taken so long?

RICHEY RENEBERG: Yeah, I mean, I don't know, yeah, I don't know what -- the past in the Grand Slams, like I say, just been one of those things where, you know, I have talked to you a lot of times last couple of years, Houston, and it is just something that just kind of I haven't done well in the Grand Slams. It is nice to do well in this one, especially.

Q. How about your next match? I know you have beaten Martin before. I don't know what you have done against Rafter.

RICHEY RENEBERG: I don't remember last time I played -- I know Todd has beaten me pretty handily couple of times. I may -- maybe I beat him -- I don't remember. I beat him in practice once.

Q. You beat him in an exhibition in Houston, River Oaks.

RICHEY RENEBERG: I did? He has beaten me pretty handily last couple of tournaments, but you know, depends. I think -- Pat Rafter, that is going to be a pretty good match. Pat Rafter is a very good player. He is a serve and volley player and seems like Todd is kind of getting his game going. He had a lot of trouble this summer with injuries, but he seems to-- I guess his match against Chesnokov, he played really well, I heard, but you never know, it could -- either one of those can win that match, and so. .

Q. Any preference?

RICHEY RENEBERG: No. I am just happy to be here.

Q. You said Monday I think that was the best match you ever played?

RICHEY RENEBERG: That is right.

Q. Still?

RICHEY RENEBERG: Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Q. It was Becker not Fromberg?

RICHEY RENEBERG: Yeah, I think that that was the best match, I mean, it was yeah, I thought I played about as well as I could play the other night against Becker -- not to say I haven't been playing well since. I have played real well last couple of matches, but yeah, that was the best match.

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