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February 25, 2022

Sepp Straka

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA

PGA National Resort

Quick Quotes

Q. Great round, great positioning going into the weekend here at the Honda Classic. Very challenging course, what is it, how does it feel to go into the weekend in this position here?

SEPP STRAKA: It feels really good. Just knowing you're kind of up there in the hunt, always fun to play for big tournaments like this one. Yeah, it will be a fun weekend.

Q. Talking about the golf course being challenging, how much of it, when you go into course prep do you prep for a setup like this, conditions like this at a historically hard course?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, it's definitely one of the tougher ones we play all year, but it's right there in front of you. I mean you basically try not to hit it in the water. You just pick your safe targets and you hit an aggressive shot at your safe targets and that's kind of the key.

Q. Anything particular in your game you've been working on that you are seeing translate to the course this week?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, I've done a bit of work on my swing early in the year and it's kind of starting to pay off here. I made a lot of cuts lately and the game feels like it's trending in the right direction.

Q. Who are you working with who is your swing coach?

SEPP STRAKA: John Tillery.

Q. We have another Bulldog on top of the leaderboard, it's been a good year for the Bulldogs, just overall state on Georgia alumni out here on TOUR?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, it's been awesome. Everybody seems to be in a good mood, I'm actually staying can Kirky this week and, yeah, we're just having a good time out here.

Q. You said that you're staying with Chris this week, so tonight will there be any, any friendly competition going into the weekend or what kind of support do you lean on someone like Chris?

SEPP STRAKA: We play a lot of Yahtzee, so we get some competition at the house. Yeah, that actually gets pretty intense.

Q. Who the is the better Yahtzee player?

SEPP STRAKA: He has me. He's my kryptonite. I'm a pretty good roller, except for when he's playing, I really struggle.

Q. What goes through your head when you walk into the Bear Trap?

SEPP STRAKA: Just try not to look at too much of the water. It's just everywhere. So like I said earlier, you just want to pick a conservative target and swing aggressively at that.

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