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February 19, 2022

Jayson Tatum

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Media Day Press Conference

Q. On Darius Garland:

JAYSON TATUM: I think just after a year or two in the league, you just get more comfortable with your team, get more comfortable with being yourself. You learn more about the game. What's this, his third, fourth year? Yeah, the third year is when you kind of feel comfortable in your own skin, I think, being like, all right, I'm one of the best players every time I step on the court. I think that's the mindset that he takes.

Q. On Darius Garland's game:

JAYSON TATUM: Obviously ball handling, craftiness, he can shoot, got good touch around the rim. But a good player. He can do a lot of things.

Q. What's it like being part of Jordan Brand?

JAYSON TATUM: Yeah, I love being with the brand. I'm thankful to be a part of it. Being in the All-Star Game and wearing Jordan, something that you only can dream about.

Q. On DeMar DeRozan:

JAYSON TATUM: Man, Deebo, he's been playing amazing this year. Before I got to the league, even in my first year, first couple years in the league, he was always one of my favorite players and somebody that kind of mentored me a little bit in my earlier years that I still talk to to this day. But what he's been doing this season, I don't think it gets talked about enough. He's been unbelievable for the league, unbelievable for the Bulls, and he's having an incredible season.

Q. On conversations with DeMar DeRozan:

JAYSON TATUM: Oh, man, I think we had a couple conversations I want to say last year, maybe the year before that. I think it was last year, just going through ups and downs of the season while being the guy but still being one of the younger players on the team. We talked a couple times about just how to manage a season because my first three years I was used to winning almost every other night, and then last year we were .500. It was just a little bit more difficult. He helped me out a lot.

Q. On the stretch run for Boston:

JAYSON TATUM: Hopefully we can keep pushing and make a deep playoff push and everybody stay healthy.

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