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adidas International

January 6, 2003

Todd Reid


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. (Question regarding playing Gaston Gaudio)?

TODD REID: Yeah, that's the way it is, I guess, playing the No. 20 in the world from Argentina, you know. Big round, I guess it was. But, you know, he had to pull out some shots in the end to win it.

Q. Seconds after you finished the match, I mean, what do you think, when you analyze it down the track, you might follow in terms of lessons for the future?

TODD REID: Yeah, definitely it all comes down to experience. I mean, I served for the match. He pulled out some good shots. I might have missed a couple, but, you know, it all comes down to experience. After this match, I'll get mentally tougher and stronger, I guess, going to the Australian Open next week. So it's all experience.

Q. Obviously, you've lost a couple of other close matches. Are you feeling, though, you're getting a lot closer?

TODD REID: Yeah, I thought I was sort of there today, but it just never seems to come along. Hopefully, I'm there playing-wise. I mean, I'm good enough, but it's just getting that one win to start me off now.

Q. You wouldn't have had that combination of factors in a match before - there was a rain delay, a difficult opponent in the first round, you had conditions that weren't easy. Have you played a match anything like that?

TODD REID: Oh, yeah. I've been at Wimbledon. That was quite -- but, I mean, that was juniors. There was a lot of rain delays, so I'm quite used to the rain delays. I don't mind them at the moment. But, yeah, it was lots of fun, I guess, in the end - maybe not after, when we shook hands. But as I look back on it, it was a good match, a good experience.

Q. Will you be able to pick yourself up for Monday or Tuesday now?

TODD REID: Yeah, I should be all right. I'll be a lot stronger after that match, and a lot mentally stronger I guess after that. Hopefully, this experience will help me quite a bit now as I go into the Australian Open.

Q. How did you find actually playing against someone of his caliber? Obviously, you started out well, but you had a bit of a lapse in the second set.

TODD REID: Yeah, he really had to pull out some shots in the end. All full credit to him, he played some good tennis in the end. I mean, I made him hit the shots. He hit some incredible backhands up the lines and forehand winners, so all the credit to him for pulling them out.

Q. Are you ready to tackle the big boys now full-time?

TODD REID: Oh, definitely. Just sort of been knocking on the door, but it just hasn't opened yet.

Q. Best-of-five, is that something you're ready for?

TODD REID: Yeah, definitely. I played a four-setter last year pretty comfortably. I went full on tonight all three sets. Just another one or two sets maybe. I'm sure I'm there, I'm physically strong. Played a five-set match, a practice one, against Pete Luczak in the hot sun. That was over five hours. That was good. I didn't cramp or anything, so that's good to see.

Q. What do you have to play now, some challengers?

TODD REID: Yeah, I'll probably go play some challengers now, just try and get my ranking up, go to play those high tournaments at the moment, just not play the futures and satellites. I didn't get to play any challengers last year, so hopefully I'll be able to pump my ranking up a bit more.

Q. Do you think one day, maybe you won't laugh at this one, but you will look at it as something you needed to experience along the way?

TODD REID: Oh, you know, everything's experience. I won't be laughing at it, that's for sure. I mean, I'll take it as the years -- I guess as the years come. But, you know, it's all good experience. I'll take it into my next match, next Aussie Open, and then throughout the year.

Q. Would you like to get a seed next time?

TODD REID: I think I've drawn a seed every time so far, so, I mean... I drew Escude, Rusedski. Last week, I mean, Spadea was 8th seed. But, I mean, I keep (inaudible) with the seeds but, you know, that's the way it is. It's the luck of the draw. You can't do much about that. You've just got to win the matches. That's all it comes down to.

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