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February 6, 2022

Joey Logano

Los Angeles, California, USA

Front Stretch

An Interview with:

Q. Joey Logano, so much anticipation for this event. What does it mean to you to be the first winner right here, the Clash at the Coliseum?

JOEY LOGANO: I can't believe that we're here. L.A. Coliseum, we got the victory with the old Shell-Pennzoil Mustang. This is an amazing event. Congratulations, NASCAR. Such a huge step in our industry to be able to do this, put on an amazing race for everybody. I'm out of breath. I'm so excited about this. It was a big win.

This is big. Having a baby, my wife is having a baby tomorrow, our third one. Pretty big weekend for us.

Q. You got a lot of applause for that baby number three. Joey, yesterday in practice, you struggled a little bit. You're learning this car. How did you step up so big, make those right adjustments, be able to run and win here?

JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, Paul and Shaggy and the engineers do a great job. The guys working on the car did an amazing job. Finding speed, we were slow, 28th or so on the board yesterday. Made some good changes. Worked with our teammate, Ryan Blaney, I owe a lot to him too, to see some of the gains they made, and ultimately get the win.

I want to say hi to My buddy Hudson and Jamison, my wife Brittany. This is cool. I'm headed home after this. I told her, if you're having the baby, I'm running right off the track from here. I don't think it's happening right now. This is special to get the first Next Gen win, the first win here in the Coliseum. It's a special one. We're going to have some fun and celebrate it.

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