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adidas International

January 12, 2004

Todd Reid


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Given the circumstances and his ranking, was that your best win?

TODD REID: I'd say it's probably my highest ranking, I guess. I've probably beaten -- I beat Wayne Ferreira last week. I'm not really too sure what the rankings are.

Q. Having come back from 4-love down against such a high-quality opponent.

TODD REID: Yeah, definitely. He's Top 20 in the world. To come back from 4-0 in the third is good against anyone, let alone a Top 20 player.

Q. What were you even thinking when you were 4-love down?

TODD REID: I just -- things weren't going well (laughing). Started off okay in the first, and I just lost my way sort of. He was running around balls and hitting a lot of winners. I just lost my way. Then 4-0, I sort of -- I think he had new balls, and he was serving with the wind. Somehow I got a break. I don't know how I broke him. Then at 4-1, my legs just kicked in again. I sort of looked up to the stands and I saw Wally Masur. I started thinking to myself, "How you gonna play Davis Cup one day if you can't come back from here?" So that sort of spurred me on a little bit.

Q. You were talking to yourself quite a bit.

TODD REID: I sort of talked to Frommy as well. I sort of go, "What the hell is going on?" when I'm not going so well. Also, to get myself fired up, I get myself pumped, I guess, I talk to myself some, make sure I'm ready for the next point.

Q. You also threw your racquet a couple of times there.

TODD REID: Yeah, things just weren't going well. I just had to get my anger out somehow, and sometimes I feel I need to just let my anger out. Otherwise, I sort of just lock it up and I don't play as well.

Q. The stats say that you've won something like 21 of your last 23 matches, I think. How are you feeling at this point in time?

TODD REID: Yeah, it's always good to win matches. I think Davis Cup's helped me a lot. I've been practicing quite a bit, pretty hard, and I think that's sort of helped me a bit. Just got to be mentally ready. I think I'm physically fine to go through all those matches, but I just got to be strong mentally.

Q. Quite a strong goal, the Davis Cup.

TODD REID: Yeah, it was great. Obviously, they believe in me, keep on putting me on the squad. Hopefully, it's gonna pay off.

Q. Do you actually feel sort of -- in the sort of run you're having, do you feel sort of different than you've felt before? Do you actually feel different?

TODD REID: Yeah, it's always -- whenever you have matches under your belt, it's always good. You feel good when you go out on the court. Just before, you know you've been winning matches, you sort of feel like you can always get yourself into the match no matter what happens, if you're down or... You always think you're still in it.

Q. There's a chance you could have Gasquet if he wins his match, obviously. Would you like that sort of challenge, a young guy like yourself who's pretty highly ranked?

TODD REID: Yeah. Always, whatever happens, happens. Obviously, if he wins. I'm not really going to be paying too much attention. I played him once before. I just got him. We had a tight match. That was a couple years ago. Obviously, he's playing a lot better now. He's Top 100, so...

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