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adidas International

January 15, 2004

Todd Reid


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Todd, please.

Q. What accounted for the change from Adelaide? Was it just that Wayne played better?

TODD REID: Oh, yeah, definitely. It was totally different conditions as well. I think it was his first match of the year, and I probably played lots of matches. It was real windy that day. Today, he's had a couple matches under his belt. Obviously, he's gonna be a different player.

Q. What's the feeling? Are you satisfied to get a couple of rounds here, or disappointed you didn't go maybe deeper into the tournament?

TODD REID: I got no complaints. I came back from 4-love down in the third in the first match. Then to win my second match.... (inaudible).

Q. What have you learned from today's match?

TODD REID: I couldn't tell you (smiling).

Q. You'll have to wait for Frommy?

TODD REID: I'll have to wait. No, he played a good match; all credit to him. It took a while for me to get used to that court. It was totally different compared to Court 1. It was a different atmosphere, different court. But he played really well, I thought.

Q. Obviously, the draw will play a part, but what are your expectations going into next week?

TODD REID: Last couple years I've drawn some serve-volleyers, some pretty good ones - Escude and Krajicek. Hopefully, I'll be getting off a little bit easier this year. But whatever the draw gives you, it gives you, and I'll just have to deal with it.

Q. What do you put your results down to these past few months? Is there something you can put your finger on?

TODD REID: Well, it all started in Beaumaris, I think. Just winning matches under my belt. Plus, I've been training with Lleyton which sort of makes it easier for when you go and play with other people. He hits so many balls back all the time. I've been playing a lot of matches. So, obviously, that helps me out. (Inaudible) real match fit, and I'll be winning lots of matches.

Q. Do you think your Davis Cup experience is a factor?

TODD REID: Yeah, definitely. Watching the boys win that and being a part of it was just something really special. I think it gives you confidence, too. I was in the squad, but I was down there, I was helping them out.

Q. What did mom and dad have to say?

TODD REID: I haven't talked to them yet (smiling). They'll probably just cook me some food and that will be it. They'll say, "Bad luck. You did well. Good luck in Melbourne" (smiling).

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