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February 4, 2022

Brooke Henderson

For Myers, Florida, USA

Crown Colony Golf & Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, Brooke, 5-under day overall and really picking up speed on your back nine. Take me through what those last couple holes were like for you.

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it was really nice. On my 18th hole I made a birdie on the par-5 so I was like, Okay, that's good vibes.

Then I made three in a row I guess 3, 4, 5, and then finished with two on 8 and 9, so it was definitely a great way to finish. Finally felt like I figured out this golf course a little bit.

Kind of took me a little while. It's nice to get a solid round in, and hopefully I can just keep the momentum moving forward.

Q. What is about that front nine that really suits your game you think?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I think I finally just was hitting the ball in good spots and giving myself a lot of good opportunities for birdie. Was able to make a couple long ones and couple I just had tap-ins.

I think it was a nice mix, and I kind of just relaxed a little bit and was able to judge the wind and some of the conditions a little better.

Q. I was about to say, you talk about figuring out this golf course a little bit more. What is something that you have been focusing on today specifically that you changed from yesterday?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I found it very difficult yesterday in the wind. Not very many people did, but I did for sure.

So I think, you know, just trying to settle in a little bit more today. It was nice to get out early and kind of have two holes without any wind before it really picked up. I think that helped.

And, yeah, you know, just trying to be a little bit more comfortable on some of the tee shots and give myself a lot of birdie looks.

Q. Knowing there is only three days, did today feel like a moving day for you?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Definitely. Would've liked to move even more, but happy with my back nine for sure.

Q. How does it feel to you to be in this tournament, 47 years since the last time they were in southwest Florida, and being a local yourself? What does that mean to be a part of this?

BROOKE HENDERSON: It's really cool. It's only about half hour from where I live in the off-season, so it's a great place to be to be able to stay at home in my own bed. It's really nice. I didn't know this golf course was here until a few weeks ago, so it was nice to get a look at some of the other great golf courses in this area.

You know, happy with how I played today and hopefully play even better tomorrow.

Q. What do you think it means to the community to have to you guys here for these three days?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I think, you know, we haven't had outside fans, but the fans from the community itself have been really excited overall, and it's been really fun that they've come out to watch.

We've really felt their support.

Q. Of course. And then you're not the only southwest Florida representation here. How cool is it to have Sophia here as well that you guys can kind of show people around southwest Florida? You guys are a little busy, but just to have that little southwest Florida representation.

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, there is not too many of us out on tour from this area, so it is cool for both Sophia and I. Yeah, it's great to have people here. The weather is so much better than it was in Orlando and Boca, so I think people are enjoying that a lot more.

But it's just a great area and I really fell in love with it when I moved here a few years ago. I'm excited that people get to see it.

Q. Do you feel like a home field advantage almost being here?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I've never played this course until few weeks ago, but I think just knowing the weather conditions a little bit has helped. That's what I play on during the off-season, so it's nice to have a little bit of an advantage there.

But at the same time, I'm just out here trying to figure it out just like everybody else. (Laughter.)

Q. Of course. What do you think this means just for people? I know like you were talking about people in the community are coming out to watch you guys. Then just having this in Fort Myers again, what did you think it means to sport here in southwest Florida?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I think it would be really cool if we came back another year and were able to have fans from the outside. I think that would be really cool. I think we would get huge crowds just because the community support has been fantastic right here itself.

Then I'm sure we would get a lot of fans from the outside, too.

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