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January 20, 2004

Todd Reid


THE MODERATOR: First question for Todd, please.

Q. Must be a good feeling to get your first win at the Australian Open?

TODD REID: Yeah, definitely. My first win now, and in a Grand Slam. So something very special, I think, to have gotten it out of the way. Last couple years I lost first round. So it's pretty good.

Q. The wildcard you got this time around, you had to earn. Do you think that made a difference?

TODD REID: Maybe at the time, I think, yeah. It's always good to come in if you've won the wildcard. That's great that they set that up like that. I think it's a great way for us to start off from the first Grand Slam of the year. We get to practice on the courts just before. I think it's really good. But, you know, I've had some good results. I made final of a challenger, two quarters in those tour events in Adelaide and Sydney.

Q. What did you do well today that made you have such a convincing win?

TODD REID: It was pretty tough conditions out there. I'm not sure how much match play he's had this year already. I know I've been playing plenty of matches. It was real tough conditions out there today. It was real windy, it was pretty tough hitting the ball.

Q. Do you think being out there for the Davis Cup, sitting on the sidelines, helps maybe alleviate some nerves, increase your level of comfort out there?

TODD REID: Maybe when I play Davis Cup. But, no, I'm out there for myself at the moment. Maybe one day if I get to play Davis Cup, which I hope I do, it might help then. But, no, it gives you confidence, I think, Davis Cup, watching the boys win, being a part of that, being a part of the squad.

Q. What about you and Chris Guccione now, you have broken away from the pack. You're probably always destined to be joined together in that way, the fact that you have very different styles. Is it nice to see him come through as well?

TODD REID: Oh, it's great. He beat Ferrero last week. He's followed that up, he's won a match this week already, still going in the draw. I think it's great we're winning matches at this level.

Q. Do you think you can edge each other along?

TODD REID: Oh, yeah, definitely. Watching Gooch beat Ferrero, when I went out to my match, I really wanted to win my next match. I guess him watching maybe helps him go along, maybe he wants to be ahead of me maybe. But it's still a long way to go.

Q. Are you good mates despite the friendly rivalry?

TODD REID: Oh, yeah. There's no rivalry at all. We're two young guys making our way up. We're just trying our best.

Q. Wally Masur said the other day you've made phenomenal progress the last few months. Is there anything that sort of you've added to your game? Is it just things coming together for you?

TODD REID: He's been helping me out quite a bit. He wants me to get my balls a lot heavier.. Davis Cup has helped a lot I think, the first time since I went to Sweden. I think it's been helping me quite a bit. I've been hitting so much with Lleyton, I think it's done so much for my game.

Q. What do you do differently when you know it's going to be a really windy day?

TODD REID: Oh, well, you definitely can't go for as much with your shot selection. I think you have to try and keep more balls in the court. It was pretty hot out there as well today. But definitely when it's windy, you try to keep your error count down.

Q. That's one of several things you think did you better than the other guy today?

TODD REID: I've had a lot of matches under my belt. I'm not sure how much practice, how much match practice, he's had coming into the year. It doesn't really concern me too much.

Q. You might have to play Jonas Bjorkman yet, if he wins. You must be familiar with his game?

TODD REID: Yeah, definitely. He played Flip in the Davis Cup. Flip beat him in straight. You know, he's a really good player. He comes in to net a bit, I know. He's got a very good serve. I know what his game's about.

Q. A comparison has been made between your game and Lleyton Hewitt's. Do you find that pressure of expectation?

TODD REID: Not really. I guess you can compare us. We're the same height, similar styles. We don't really crank our shots as hard as a guy like Roddick or Gonzalez. We're pretty consistent, so I guess we are kind of similar.

Q. Has he been a role model for you?

TODD REID: You know, he sort of came along a few years ago when I was already like 16. But, yeah, no, I definitely look up to him. He won Wimbledon and US Open. He's been helping me a lot lately.

Q. In what ways?

TODD REID: Just on the court with our practices. He's been getting me in on the court and working me out pretty hard.

Q. 15 forehand winners. Worked pretty well for you. Only two on the backhand. Is that just the conditions or just the way you play?

TODD REID: Yeah, it's probably the way I play. I usually look to get around my forehand a bit and try to hit winners. Backhand, I just try to keep it solid, not make too many errors. I definitely go for a bit on my forehand.

End of FastScripts….

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