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February 3, 2022

Davis Love

Pebble Beach, California, USA

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. 1-over today, sort of a slow start, a little chilly out there. If we can get some comments though on your overall round?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I hit the ball probably a little better than I scored, made enough birdies. It's just greens are super fast and got above the hole, out of position a couple times and had three, 3-putts, a couple drives in bunkers too. Other than that I should have shot 2- or 3-under. So Brandt and I both, we threw away a lot of shots out there. But, long way to go.

Q. Just talk about this tournament, the three course rotation, just in terms of the stamina that it takes, especially, you're not 25 anymore.

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, well I kept telling my partner, we're going to get on a hot streak eventually and we both played pretty well and just didn't get a lot out of it. So in this tournament it takes a lot of patience. Three courses, long rounds, we're in the celebrity rotation, so that's even a little bit slower. So we just got to hang in there and wait for a good streak. If you're having fun, which we do and I always get a pretty good group somehow, luck of the draw, I guess. But we always just have fun and that's why I like playing here.

Q. And that's why you've had a lot of success here. So just in terms of this tournament, sort of ranking it with all the tournaments basically in your career, where it is?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well it's definitely one of my favorites. I always like to play here, made a lot of friends, both here in town, the Griggs family that does so much for Boys & Girls Club here, and then I know more people in this tournament probably than anywhere in the world, just there's so many golf people that play in this thing from clubs all across the country and since I've been here quite awhile I know a lot of them, so it's like old home week.

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