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February 3, 2022

Stephanie Meadow

For Myers, Florida, USA

Crown Colony Golf & Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, here with Stef Meadow. Stef, I think one of the highlights of today's round overall was the first ace of LPGA Tour competition for you. Take me through what that was like.

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, I mean, I had perfect number, little 6-iron. It was a little bit windy, and, I don't know, stripped it right at it. Wind never touched it and just rolled right up there into the hole.

Yeah, it's been a while since the I had a hole-in-one and first one in LPGA career, in a tournament, so, yeah, it's very nice.

Q. I know there is not a lot of fans out here, just club members, player guests. Did you hear any noise? Did you know that it went in? Did you see it go into the hole?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, we all saw it go in, and then I think the volunteer at the green was putting his hands up and cheering and stuff.

So the members out here really seem like they're enjoying having us here. They're getting kind of a very private viewing of some pretty awesome golf. So, I mean, it's still a great atmosphere even though there is not a ton of people.

Q. I know you were talking about something else happened a couple holes later.

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Uh-huh, yeah. Well, I guess it's just golf. You know, you get good luck, you make a hole-in-one, and then two holes later I pull a 7-iron, hits a sprinkler two yards left of the green and ricochets thirty yards left into a hazard.

Yeah, so I got some awesome luck and then some really crappy luck. So, yeah, wasn't super happy after that. (Laughter.)

Q. Definitely not a nice surprise for you.

STEPHANIE MEADOW: No, it was not, yeah.

Q. What did you do to kind of rebound after that and reset your mind? Did you think of the good memories from just a couple holes ago?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, my first thought was of course get something to go my way, but it was a tricky day and I just needed to keep plowing along. Luckily I was able -- had to hit it off the sand when I dropped it and I was able to get up and down.

I guess I was just thankful it wasn't a double and I didn't totally erase my hole-in-one.

Q. Definitely a nice way to rebound, especially after an opening bogey, I believe, as well.


Q. What a day in the cards for you. What do you think of Crown Colony overall? This is a first course for a lot of people out here.

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, it's great. I mean, obviously the wind is a big factor today, but the greens are definitely fast and roll really good. I had couple downhill, downwind putts and they were pretty scary.

I think as the week goes on it'll get drier and probably faster and see how it goes.

Q. As the first hole in one of 2022, $20,000 donated to St. Jude. You're sponsored by CME Group. What does that mean to you that something like an ace can help so many?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: It's amazing. I mean, thanks to CME for stepping up. 20 grand, it's a lot of money and can help someone. Who knows who it will help, but I know it will help a very important person.

I'm just really thankful that my great shot can benefit somebody's life.

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