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January 24, 2004

Todd Reid


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Todd.

Q. Is that a bit of a lesson for you?

TODD REID: Yeah, no, it was. You know, I had an early break there. I actually had a glimpse of a chance there. But, you know, he played really well today.

Q. And your own game wasn't what you would have liked?

TODD REID: Yeah, I wasn't really strong. There was just -- I think that match the other day took quite a bit out of me. I think for me to be playing my best tennis, I really need my legs. Just wasn't really there. He took ahold of the match and he really dominated.

Q. Did you feel like your fitness was okay in the first few games or shot right from the start?

TODD REID: No, it was all right. You know, things just weren't going well, and he just took control of that. There wasn't much I could really do about it.

Q. What does that sort of indicate about where you are in the game and how far you've got to go?

TODD REID: Oh, geeze, it's definitely a long way to go still. I'm ranked still out in the hundreds. I'm not sure what I'll be after this, but I was like 140 before the tournament. There's still a lot of things to learn, I think. Going out there against the No. 2 in the world, he really taught me something today.

Q. How hard is it to come back when he's playing like that?

TODD REID: You know, not much you could do. He was just ripping the balls for winners. He's got a real good game. He's got an unbelievable forehand. You know, I'm going to have to learn some things, maybe how to counter things when I'm going down like that. But, you know, he's a real good player.

Q. How do you rate Lleyton's chances against him in the fourth round, if they meet?

TODD REID: I'd say he's got just as good a chance as Roger's got. But, you know, he's got the best-of-fiver. He came back from two sets to love on that court against him on the same surface. So that's obviously a mental edge. But couldn't really pick a winner. I couldn't say.

Q. Any way that it's a blessing in disguise, the fact that you got beaten convincingly instead of a false sense of how well you're going?

TODD REID: Sorry, what did you say?

Q. The fact that you got beat so convincingly, that will be a lesson, rather than if it had gone a bit further, you would have thought you were a bit better than you were, perhaps?

TODD REID: You take it as it comes. You win matches; you lose matches. You win them easy -- I mean, you lose them easy, and you can lose some tight ones. Obviously, it's a big learning experience. I won four games today. I was lucky to win that last one. But it was definitely a learning experience.

Q. What do you take out of the summer, though? Pretty good breakthrough for you.

TODD REID: Yeah, definitely. It's been great. I made a final in a challenger, which I'd never done before. I was in two quarters, Adelaide and Sydney, where I backed up a couple of matches there. I came back through a couple of tight ones. I think it's good that I've been backing up my matches, not just winning one. I've been winning two each week. Then I came through that five-set match the other day. I think I've had a great summer.

Q. Is that the best anyone's ever played against you?


Q. Yes.

TODD REID: I'm not sure (smiling). He played well. But, yeah, I couldn't tell you.

Q. Have you been invited to Adelaide for the Davis Cup yet?

TODD REID: Yeah, I think I might be in the squad there. I got to talk to Fitzy later about what's going to go on. But I'd love to be part of the squad again.

Q. What do you have lined up in the months ahead after Davis Cup tournament-wise?

TODD REID: Oh, since my ranking is down a bit now, I'm going to try and play the Masters Series quallies. I'm not sure if I'll get into them or not. But there's some challengers also around. There's one in Asia. Looks like I might be doing a bit of both there.

Q. Taylor said after his match last night he was embarrassed. What was your feeling when you walked in the locker room afterward?

TODD REID: Oh, no, not embarrassed at all. You know, I made the third round of the Australian Open. It's not really -- you know, I really wanted to win today. But I was just outclassed. When you go out there, I mean, Andy and Roger, they're No. 1 and 2 in the world, they're world-class players. When you go out there, you just try your best. There's not much else. I got no regrets.

Q. A loss like this, does it fuel your hunger even more to get to the level that Roger and Andy are?

TODD REID: Yeah, definitely. There's obviously a big gap where I'm at at the moment (smiling). You know, my legs will get stronger as the years go. Hopefully I can just learn from these things.

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