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January 30, 2022

Brooke Henderson

Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Boca Rio Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Joined by Brooke Henderson after a final round 4-under par 68 of the 2022 Gainbridge LPGA. Brooke, 7-under overall for the week, top 10; another one on the mantel for you. Take us through the front nine and what the hole looked like to you out there. You were really having it going.

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, the front nine was a lot of fun. It was cool playing with Maude and also Patty, two great players. We had a lot of fans and great crowd out there. It was really exciting. We were making some birdies and I was really running and trying to chase down that lead as best I could.

Making the turn it looked like if I could have a solid back nine I could post a low score in the clubhouse. Unfortunately didn't finish off the way I wanted to, but I definitely started the way I wanted to. That's something to take away.

Q. What happened on the back nine? Only two bogeys, not a horrible back nine, but not the back nine up to your standards. What was it that was different from the front?

BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, I was looking to make a bunch of birdies. I was trying to stay aggressive. Unfortunately just couple missed putts, but that's going to happen.

I kind of made more than my fair share on the front, so I guess it evened out a little bit. It's nice to go low on a Sunday afternoon. And I feel it's two solid weeks back-to-back, so hopefully next week I can continue solid play and hopefully be in contention come next Saturday.

Q. Hindsight, another top 10 finish. Those matter to you when you chalk up a season and how you characterize your performance. Did it feel like the gap was too big at the beginning of the day at all, that you had a lot of ground to make up, or did it feel like the way you were going that you maybe needed to press a little harder than what you were doing?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, it felt like the lead was out of reach until I made the turn, and then I felt if I could make continue that and keep going low that maybe I could post something that they would be scared of coming in.

Unfortunately wasn't the case, but happy to climb up. I think I went into the day T11, so definitely moved up some spots, which is nice, which is all you really want to do on Sunday.

And, you know, hopefully next week be a little bit closer to the lead.

Q. And you mentioned playing with Maude-Aimee. How was it playing with her today? She played with Brit obviously during junior golf days. What was it like competing her in the same grouping?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I used to watch her play all the time growing up, so it was pretty cool. I was always really impressed by her game. To be out there today with her was a lot of fun.

We had amazing fans, great crowds up from Canada and also some here from Florida, so it was a really fun day overall, and I'm glad we could play together this Sunday.

Q. And anything stand out about her game to you? Did you look at Brit and say, Oh, wow, I didn't know she hit it that far?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I think growing up watching her I kind of knew what her game was like. I was always impressed by how far she hit it, and Patty, too. It was really a long-bomb group, so I was just trying to keep up.

Q. Last one for you: Do you remember the last time you played with a Canadian on tour over a weekend? Obviously you played Alena at the Dow. Is that doesn't count.

BROOKE HENDERSON: The last one would be Alena at some point. I'm not sure. I can't place it right now. We have had a lot of great rounds together, and I miss her out on tour right now.

But I'm looking forward to later in the sum early when she's back out.

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