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March 29, 1995

Lisa Raymond


Q. Must be disappointing to start so well and have a hard time at the end.

LISA RAYMOND: I think I got lucky, to be honest. The first set I shouldn't have won as decisive. I mean she was making a ton of errors and I was just lucky hitting a bunch of winners.

Q. Have you played her a lot before?

LISA RAYMOND: Just once before.

Q. You didn't go for some balls in the third set. Was there a reason, were you injured?

LISA RAYMOND: Well, yeah, I have hurt my Achilles tendon and it's been bothering and it was bothering me today, so I couldn't really move very well.

Q. Would you like to have the drop shot back?

LISA RAYMOND: No. I mean, if I would have made it it would have been a winner and I know -- I just -- at that point I was just going for it, you know.

Q. You served 103 miles per hour. Is that your highest?

LISA RAYMOND: Pardon me?

Q. You served 103, is that normally about how hard you serve?

LISA RAYMOND: I can serve at that capability. I mean, I have in the past so..

Q. So I guess you prefer hard courts.

LISA RAYMOND: Um-hum, probably. I mean, clays, I don't mind playing on clay, but I prefer a faster surface.

Q. It was obvious the way you were hitting.

Q. Did you feel like she was sporting a lack of ability a little bit?

LISA RAYMOND: Well, Sandra plays like that. She just hits the hell out of the ball, you know, corner to corner. She's either going to hit a great shot or she's going to miss it. You know, it just so happened that I couldn't run those balls down, but I didn't -- that's just her game plan anyway, is to just nail balls side to side.

Q. In the third set I guess we were surprised, a couple of times she had backhand winners off of your service returns.

LISA RAYMOND: Right. Well, she returns the ball well and again, she goes for it. So I think at that point she was taking my serve and timing it well and, you know, came up with some winners.

Q. How did you fair with her the first time you played her?

LISA RAYMOND: I won in three sets but actually she had a couple of match points, so both matches were tough. So I knew going in that I was going to have to either come out really playing well or hope that she wasn't going to be playing well.

Q. Did you ever play her in college?

LISA RAYMOND: She never went to college.

Q. Juniors?

LISA RAYMOND: She was younger than me.

DEBBIE EDWARDS: Okay. Any other questions please. Okay. Thank you.

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