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November 19, 2003

Lisa Raymond


LISA RAYMOND: Honestly, I don't think I really could have played too much better today or asked too much more of myself today. I think a lot of it had to do with my preparation. It's been a great week so far working out with the team. You know, I've had some really good practices. And I feel like we're all ready. And I think we came here to win this cup. And, you know, I think today was a good start for all of us.

Q. Lisa, you have a great record against Els. How much of an advantage does that give you going into this a match like this? She won one set from you back in '96.

LISA RAYMOND: I definitely think it helps, especially in a situation like today when we're both probably a little bit more nervous than usual. You know, you know in the back of your mind, you know, that you have a winning record against your opponent. And for me, you know, I think the conditions really suit my game very well. The court suits my game perfectly, and, you know, I've been, like I said before, been having really good practices and I felt good. So I'm sure she knew that she was going to have to play, you know, very well today in order to beat me.

Q. As the lead-off player, how important is it for the team to have that 1-0 edge?

LISA RAYMOND: It's very important. I definitely felt it last night falling asleep, or trying to fall sleep. We're trying to fall sleep. At the same time, though, yesterday Meghann and I were kidding around as far as who wanted to play first. And we both wanted to. I think as much as you might feel a little bit more pressure to get the US off to a 1-Love lead, you know, we've been raring to go here for four or five days. To get out there and to finally, you know, get to play, you know, that's what we're here to do. So, you know, it feels good to get the US off to a good start.

Q. According to Billie Jean, it was your request that in the doubles you play with Martina, being that Lindsay wasn't there. Can you talk about your wanting to play with her, what she brings to it?

LISA RAYMOND: I mean, it's an honor to play with her. I'm going to have, you know, the fortunate situation, I'm going to play with her next year for the entire year. So, you know, when Billie had talked to me about who I wanted to play doubles with here, you know, when she had mentioned Martina, it was just, you know, a no-brainer. You know, I think not only obviously is she still, you know, such a great player, but just her experience, being on a team, such a young team with Meghann and Alex, and certainly I'm not young anymore, 30 years old, but more of a veteran out here. But, again, she brings so much to the team not only on the court but just off the court. Just her experience and her knowledge. Again, it's been amazing so far and I can't wait to get out there tomorrow and play with her.

Q. Are there any noticeable generation gap things going, maybe not with you, but maybe with Meghann, whatever?

LISA RAYMOND: Not really. You know, I think Meghann is very mature for her age. You know, Alex, she might listen to more a little bit Britney Spears than I do. You know, I think we all get along very, very well. We've all meshed very well. Again, Martina has really just -- you know, she's been a leader, but at the same time she has never once, you know, put herself above any of the other three. You know, she's been a great team player so far this week, just even out there today during my match, during our practices, you know, sitting in longer, staying longer after she practices to help us out and help, you know, Z and Billie. It's been wonderful so far, so.

Q. You mentioned the court. Can you explain why this court suits your game? Martina said she didn't like the court much. Will that give you problems tomorrow in doubles?

LISA RAYMOND: Personally, for my game, it suits me. The ball stays very low with the slice. You know, it really takes the ball very well. It definitely favors someone who is going to be aggressive, with a style of play like myself. But, you know, as far as our doubles tomorrow, I really don't see it being a problem. I think we're obviously going to be both coming in, serving and volleying. You know, I really don't think -- when Martina and I play well together, I don't think it's really going to matter too much what surface we're on.

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