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January 18, 2022

Samantha Stosur

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

S. STOSUR/R. Anderson

6-7, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Talk us through the match today and the atmosphere out there.

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, crowd was amazing. It was a really nice court to play on. It was great atmosphere. Obviously the crowd was right behind me, which was really nice and special to have.

Yeah, look, it was obviously a long match. It was a tough match. Right from the first couple of games I thought, No, I can do this today. Hung in there and, yeah, obviously very happy to get the win.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You seemed to really enjoy yourself. You said you were going to go down swinging, play with freedom if you went out. Is that what it felt like?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, I tried to do that as much as possible. Obviously a few moments where there was a bit of tension.

Yeah, look, that's kind of been the focus all along since I knew this was going to be my last event, was to play how I want to play, go out and enjoy it, yeah, pretty much do what I did today.

I couldn't really ask for much more. Yeah, it was just great to get out there and play that sort of tennis in that sort of match out there with that crowd on a new court. It was good fun.

Q. You seemed like you were more animated than normal. Did you feel that as well? Were you getting up for it even more?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: I think, yeah, I mean, when you're hitting good shots, hitting some winners, getting yourself out of a sticky situation with some big serves or something like that, the crowd's into it, yeah, you kind of want to keep everyone involved, really feel it and use that to drive you.

I mean, there's certainly matches where I think you can get a little bit too over the top, you can't be celebrating every single point. I tried to have a good balance. Yeah, when it was really kind of important, yeah, let it out, show it, show that you're pumped, yeah, want that crowd support. That's exactly what I got.

Q. What did you know about her?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Very, very little. I YouTube'd a little bit, but there wasn't a whole lot on there. Stubbsy spoke to a few different people. We knew a couple little things. Not a lot of information. Maybe it didn't really matter at the end of the day. It was kind of like, All right, assess what's going on out there as the match is going on. But first and foremost, this is how I want to play, this is what I want to do today. Yeah, whatever, adjust something accordingly.

At the end of the day I knew what I was going to try to go out there and achieve.

Q. Talking about playing with a bit of freedom. You struggled in the past here. The fact that it's the last one, how much easier does it really make it for you?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: I mean, it's sort of easier because, yeah, it's kind of like this is your last chance, if you don't do it now you're never going to have another opportunity to do it. Kind of like back's against the wall, this is it.

It's probably a bit easier because I've been wanting to try to find that in my tennis for a couple of years now. I think when you're kind of chasing something, even though it's not about that, it's always in the back of your mind, got to do well here, your ranking is not going in the right direction, all that sort of stuff, it doesn't always allow that to happen.

I feel like the last month or so, since I decided this is what I wanted to do, I've kind of found that. I actually think I'm hitting the ball really well, really clean. Probably some of the best striking I've done for a little while.

Whatever the case, it's a nice place to feel.

Q. Not rethinking it?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Oh, maybe I made a mistake (laughter).

No, this is it.

Q. What happens if you get to Roland Garros in a couple of months where you've had even more success, haven't had a chance to play in the last two years, various factors, are you going to be there for doubles?


Q. The singles?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: I'd have to do very well here to get in. We'll reassess that (smiling).

I think, again, maybe it's because you call it a day and that's what it is. This is about enjoyment now. Yeah, look, if something crazy happens, then maybe so. I'm happy with my decision. Yeah, I'm going to roll with as many more matches as I can possibly play. If that's one or not, then whatever the case, the timing is going to be right when it's right.

Q. Pavlyuchenkova looks like next. What about that as a matchup for you next?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Oh, that would be fun to play Pavs again. We've played many times. It's gone both ways. We've had some really close matches, played some good tennis against each other. Played doubles together. We know each other pretty well.

Yeah, obviously it's going to be a tough one, no doubt. She's still one of the best players in the world, had a great year last year. It's the second round. I can go out there and have some fun again.

Q. (Question about the crowd numbers.)

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Absolutely, yeah, when I heard it was only going to be 50% capacity, it feels like a real blow for the event, for the spectators, for the players. We want full stadiums. You want the atmosphere out on the grounds.

Of course, it's a real shame we've had to do that once again. But the fact that we're able to play, people can come here, still watch it, albeit 50% of what should be normal, yeah, the court that I was on today was pretty packed out.

I don't know what's going on outside, but I certainly enjoyed whoever was able to make it out there to Kia Arena today.

Q. Too soon to start speculating all-Australian final, you and Ash?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Put it on the back page (laughter).

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